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AMC Theatres Announces Reopening Plan, Time Travel

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BY March 6, 2021

I don’t care how fancy your home theater set-up is–there is nothing like a movie theater experience for me. Give me the suspiciously sticky floors, the public restroom that makes me say “eeugh” aloud, and the employees who have to ask if I want a free upsize, even though my baby hands can’t comfortably hold a large drink. Give me the dark tunnel in the auditorium, the trough of popcorn, and the same two Chevy commercials–I am ready. And finally, maybe, one theater chain is ready for me to return, because AMC Theatres are reopening, as they announced this week. Here’s what they shared about their immediate plans.

Most AMC Theatres Reopening At End Of August

amc theatres reopening image via Cptimes

AMC Theatres shared their reopening plan through a couple of emails this week, starting with one they sent Wednesday. In that email, AMC CEO Adam Aron wrote that after successful reopenings in Europe and the Middle East, the chain has its sights set on home. At least 100 theaters will unlock their doors by the end of the month, Aron says. By September 3, the company hopes to have 2/3 of its theaters open in the United States.

Once the theaters reopen, they will do so with the policies AMC already put into place for its first attempt at reopening. For instance, each theater will undergo regular deep cleaning and will provide sanitation stations. Employees will also be required to have temperature checks, as well as wear masks. On that note, so will you–after initially dragging their feet, AMC has stuck with their revised plan to require masks for customers as well.

AMC Will Entice Movie-Goers With Deals And Bonuses

You lucky ducks whose local theaters will open on August 20, the first day of reopenings, will see special pricing. In a nod to the chain’s centennial anniversary, ticket prices on that day will reflect the original ticket prices in 1920. So y’all will be paying a cool fifteen cents per ticket. I’m not jealous, I say through gritted teeth.

However, while not as good as fifteen cents, AMC also plans to enact other special pricing for some concession deals and for classic movies. Both of those will go for $5, but these pricing plans will not affect new releases. In addition, they’re showering members of their rewards program, AMC Stubs, with bonuses. All AMC Stubs members, for example, will earn double points through Halloween of this year. And AMC Stubs A-List members, like me, have gotten an additional $10 in “bonus bucks.” Mama, we made it!

On that note, A-List members have until December 1st to unpause their accounts before AMC does it for them.

Theaters Going Back To The Future With Older Movies Like…Back to the Future

amc theatres reopening The Goonies image via Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros

While there are some new releases to look forward to, including the much-shuffled Tenet, whose release date is delayed indefinitely, AMC will also be showing what it calls “library titles.” These are the ones that’ll cost you $5, by the way. They include actual classics like Back to the Future, The Empire Strikes Back, The Goonies, and Grease, as well as movies like Bloodshot and I Still Believe, both of which AMC inexplicably deems “beloved.” Sure, I guess.

All of this depends, of course, on state and local regulations. For more details on their reopening, as well as info on your local theater, check the official AMC Theatres website. And no, they didn’t pay me to write any of this–I’m just crawling out of my skin to go back to the movies. (But if y’all wanna load me up with some more bonus bucks, feel free.)

Anyway, are you excited about going back to the movie theater or have These Difficult Times changed your thinking? Talk about it in the comments or on our social media.

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