The Age of Legends Trilogy Does Not Tie Into The Amazon Adaptation
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A New Wheel Of Time Movie Trilogy About The Age Of Legends Is Apparently Happening Somehow?

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BY July 16, 2021

Some strange news for Wheel of Time fans this week. Apparently there is a movie trilogy adaptation in the works based on the popular fantasy series by Robert Jordan. However, these movies will not be drawing from the main storylines of the books. Instead, it will be based on the mythology and history of the world of Wheel of Time. This project is in development from Zack Stentz, co-writer of movies like Thor and X-Men: First Class. And they will draw from the Age of Legends, a mythical era in the Wheel of Time history.

“I’ve been a fan of Robert Jordan’s work for many years, and it is especially his allusions to the origins and backstory of The Wheel of Time that I have always found most intriguing. I’m excited to be bringing this era Robert Jordan conceptualized to life,” says writer Zack Stentz.

The Age of Legends Trilogy Does Not Tie Into The Upcoming Amazon Adaptation

Wheel of Time Season 2 Script Image via Amazon Prime

At this point we are (hopefully) only months away from the premiere of the Wheel of Time television show for Amazon Prime. However, this new movie trilogy appears to be completely unrelated to that adaptation. It is a bit curious to see proposed film adaptations of this early era in the world of Wheel of Time. While there is certainly a lot to work with, typically prequel trilogies like this come after a successful adaptation of the actual source material.

If Amazon was producing this trilogy, I would just assume they are banking on the anticipated success of the upcoming show. But it does not appear to be related to Amazon or their adaptation. However, this film trilogy is still in the script-writing stage, so it is entirely possible that Amazon could scoop it up and tie it into their own Wheel of Time world.

There Is A Lot To Draw From In The Age of Legends

Wheel of Time Wheel of Time Ebook Artwork by Julie Bell

According to The Hollywood Reporter: The film trilogy has the working title of “Age of Legends.” And it takes place “set several millennia before the time of the books. In a futuristic utopia powered by a magical force shared by men and women known as the One Power. When an unspeakable evil is unleashed upon the world and men using the One Power go insane and destroy much of the planet, a small band of women unite under the White Tower as humanity’s last hope of survival.”

The Age of Legends is a period of time shrouded in mystery for the majority of the Wheel of Time books. Readers can glean snippets of information that come from ancient characters like the Forsaken. However, author Robert Jordan did detail more of this era in companion volumes like The World of The Wheel of Time. There is also The Wheel of Time Companion – published after the author’s death by his widow and editor Harriet McDougal. Both of these books delve into the Age of Legends somewhat. But there is still no complete history of the era.

Someone Better Call Harriet

Wheel of Time Image via Tor/Forge

It seems that Zack Stentz is drawing from the basic mythology that we know about The Age of Legends. However, there is still a lot of unknown information that needs fleshing out. I can only hope that he enlists Harriet McDougal for more information. As Jordan’s wife and long-time editor, McDougal is the one who made sure The Wheel of Time series concluded after her husband’s death. She was the one to hire author Brandon Sanderson to complete the series, based on Jordan’s comprehensive notes and outlines. Perhaps those notes contain more information about the Age of Legends. All I know is that Zack Stentz better give Harriet a call ASAP. (We know what happens when people try to make a Wheel of Time film without consulting Harriet… and it is not pretty.)

The Age of Legends film trilogy has producers in Rick Selvage and Larry Mondragon of iwot productions. They will work with Ted Field and Justin Smith of Radar Pictures. Eva Longoria, James Leon and Mike McGuiness are executive producers on the Age of Legends film. Wait, Eva Longoria is involved in this? Taking bets now on if the producer/actress will appear as an ancient Aes Sedai in the films. (Or maybe even one of the Forsaken?)

While this news is somewhat baffling and surprising, we are always excited to hear that there is more Wheel of Time coming our way. In the meantime, we are still anxiously awaiting a full trailer for Amazon’s adaptation of The Wheel of Time. That series is due for a premiere on Amazon Prime before the end of the year.

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