The Box Office Numbers for A Quiet Place Part II Are Here
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The Box Office Numbers for A Quiet Place Part II Give Us Hope for the Film Industry

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BY June 4, 2021

The box office has been shaky at best since the first days of the coronavirus pandemic. In a world where film productions were paused, movie theaters were closed, and streaming services became the number one source for watching entertainment, it’s a common question to wonder if we can ever go back to the days of shoving hundreds of people in an auditorium to sit in silence for two hours. But there is no better film to prove it than one that is literally built on silence. The box office numbers for A Quiet Place Part II are here, and they give us all the hope that we needed for the film industry.

What The Box Office Numbers For A Quiet Place Part II Show Us

A Quiet Place Part II released in theaters on May 28th, 2021. This is a long way away from its initial release date of March 2020, which was more than a little unfortunate considering the first wave of the pandemic. In its first weekend, the film pulled in more than $58 million domestic, with $22 million international, amounting to an impressive $80.5 million worldwide. That’s more than a solid weekend for any time, but it’s incredible considering how theaters continue to recover.

These numbers mean that the John Krasinski-directed sequel to 2018’s A Quiet Place has already made its $61 million budget back. The debut film in the franchise made $50.2 million domestically on its opening weekend. With film reviews as promising as its predecessor, all signs point to a more-than-adequate box office run.

a quiet place part ii box office Image via Paramount Pictures.

How These Numbers Compare To The Rest Of The Coronavirus Releases

Films have tried desperately to reignite the urge to see films in theaters. Christopher Nolan was particularly adamant about bringing bodies back to seats, releasing Tenet last summer despite worldwide theater closures. While the Tenet box office numbers weren’t a complete failure, the film was hardly what Nolan had hoped for. It had an impressive overseas start of about $53 million and then pulled in a modest $20 million domestic in its first weekend. It finished its theatrical run with a little more than $363 million on a massive $200 million budget.

Tenet Summer Blockbuster Image via Warner Bros. Pictures.

So, what do all of these numbers mean for the future? For one, it proves that people are still excited about going back to the theater and are willing to close Netflix down for the night. It also means that large gaps between a film’s initial release date and its post-COVID release date haven’t deterred viewers from wanting to see it. This is promising for other films with massive gaps, like the upcoming Black Widow.

Despite all of these promising stats, there is still a long way to go. Theaters may be open around the United States, but things aren’t looking that good everywhere. For example, I live in Toronto, Ontario. Our movie theaters haven’t been open since November of 2020. Yes, the last film I saw in theaters was, unfortunately, Ammonite. It doesn’t look promising for Canadians who want to watch A Quiet Place Part II.

Considering how Canadian box office numbers are wrapped up in the domestic U.S. numbers, one can only wonder how many more million we could have brought to the table for A Quiet Place Part II.

Finally, if we have learned anything from the ongoing pandemic, it’s that the unexpected can always happen. While vaccine numbers are increasing, our thoughts will always be jumping within a “what’s next” mindset, and more lockdowns may always lurk in the darkness.

Readers, did you get a chance to watch A Quiet Place Part II yet and contribute to its box office numbers? Let us know your thoughts on the film, and how you feel about going to the theater now that they’re opening up again.

Featured image via Paramount Pictures.


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