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A Live-Action Lilo & Stitch Is Coming From Jon M. Chu

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BY November 15, 2020
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We aren’t the only ones with a list of classic and beloved kids films ready to scratch off when they get a remake, are we? Well, our pencils are ready to tick off Lilo & Stitch. The 2002 animated film about a lovable little alien is about to get a redo, and we’re starting to get excited. Here is everything that we know about the upcoming live-action adaptation of Lilo & Stitch.

Lilo & Stitch Is Getting a Live-Action Adaptation

After finding plenty of success remaking films like Aladdin, The Lion King, and, most recently, Mulan, Disney is back at it again. While it’s unclear whether or not this adaptation will receive a theatrical release or a Disney+ release, the film is currently being developed.

Jon M. Chu, the director behind films including 2018’s Crazy Rich Asians and Now You See Me 2 will direct. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich will produce through Rideback. Ryan Halprin will be executive producing. No screenwriters or cast members have been announced.

Crazy Rich Asians Crazy Rich Asians. Image via Warner Bros. Pictures.

This isn’t the first time that Lilo & Stitch has gotten new content. Various spinoffs and sequels, including Stitch The Movie and the iconic Disney Channel series from 2003 are still in our memories. Though, this is the first time that Lilo & Stitch is going the live-action route.

We have been both pleasantly surprised and mildly disappointed by recent Disney live-action adaptations. So, we’re still on the fence about whether or not this iteration will find success. However, the original film is certainly a loved one. We’re thrilled to see that the inspiring story filled with great representation will become newsworthy once again! And we won’t lie – we’ll give in to the mouse and go see remakes of our favorites any day.

Excuse us while we go stream the original while we wait for more news about the live-action adaptation of Lilo & Stitch.

Featured image via Disney.

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