NBC Announces That 2022 Golden Globes are Canceled
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NBC Announces That The 2022 Golden Globes Broadcast Is Canceled

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BY May 14, 2021

It has only been days since major studios began boycotting the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. This organization is best known for its yearly Golden Globes awards show. The broadcast, which closely follows the Academy Awards and the Emmys when it comes to viewing numbers, has been the subject of plenty of controversy over the past few months. Following a report claiming 0 of the HFPA members were Black, celebrities and industry executives demanded a change. The ones proposed by the HFPA simply weren’t enough. So, we’re not at all surprised to hear that NBC has canceled the 2022 Golden Globes.

NBC Announces That 2022 Golden Globes are Canceled

A Los Angeles Times investigation released earlier this year claimed various wrongdoings happening within the HFPA. This included ethical conflicts and a major lack of diversity, among other concerns. The group recognized the complaints and came forward with the release of reform, which included changes such as the addition of various diversity officers, a conduct violation hotline, and a vow to add more diverse journalists to the group of 87 members.

In the wake of this announcement, it was clear that studios didn’t think it was enough. Amazon Studios and Netflix announced a boycott against the HFPA, claiming that they would not submit their content for awards consideration and would not be attending future shows until a difference was made. This news brought even more action against the HFPA, including three-time winner Tom Cruise denouncing and returning his trophies.

Tom Cruise NASA Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr.

A Cancelation Came Quickly

Within days, it was clear that there was no turning back. Awards shows have had plenty of criticism in the past, including the history-making #OscarsSoWhite campaign. The lack of nominations for People of Color in categories found within most awards shows has been noteworthy and unfair for years, and Hollywood members finally decided to do something about it. The 2021 Academy Awards nominations were some of the most diverse in history. But if 2021 were really to be the year of shaming a lack of diversity, names deserve to be called out. And so the calling begins.

NBC has decided to announce that the 2022 Golden Globes have been canceled. It has been removed from their schedule for the winter season, and there has been no confirmation on the future of the ceremony. Their official statement claims that while they recognize the HFPA’s desire to change, more work needs to be done. They are “hopeful” for a 2023 show, but hope doesn’t always mean it’ll happen.

Do We Need The Golden Globes?

Looking back to the most recent slew of nominations, the Golden Globes have not always made popular decisions. After all, the nominees are picked by fewer than 100 people. Surely, that can’t be indicative of the tastes of the masses. This was made clear by the 2021 nominations, where shows like Emily in Paris earned a nomination. This was a light-hearted and silly Netflix show. Most critics and fans agreed that all it deserved were some binge-watches.

Meanwhile, more critically acclaimed shows, like HBO’s I May Destroy You, earned 0 nominations. This series, created by, written by, and starring the fearless Michaela Coel, took a shockingly honest approach to the aftermath of sexual assault. It contained humor, friendship, love, rage, and trauma and earned praise at various other shows. So why no love at the Globes? A writer for Emily in Paris even spoke up about the snub for HBO and the shocker for Netflix, claiming that the oversight symbolized a “larger issue.

I May Destroy you HFPA Amazon Netflix boycott I May Destroy You. Image via HBO.

Does This Mean Anything To Us?

These comments are a serious reminder that the Golden Globes tells us the favorites of a handful of people. Why bother tuning in to a ceremony that isn’t awarding things based on content but rather the taste of a non-diverse group of friends? Sure, it gives us a chance to see celebrities dress up and get drunker than the Academy Awards would allow, but at what cost?

News of the 2022 Golden Globes getting canceled is no surprise to us. It does serve as a great reminder that we can’t take our film and television recommendations from people who aren’t representing a broader interest.

Readers, want do you think of the Golden Globes cancelation news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Do you think the show will return in 2022, or will it be gone for good?

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