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Justice League

Appearing in graphic novels published by DC Comics, Justice League is a team of superheroes consisting of several well-known characters, amongst them Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Created by Gardner Fox during what is known as the “Silver Age of Comic Books” lasting from 1956 to 1970, the team was granted its own comic book and title in 1960. Titled the Justice League of America, the team has grown in popularity since then, appearing in various movies and video games.

About Justice League

Justice League is inarguably made up of DC’s most popular characters – you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Superman or Wonder Woman! The Justice League was born out of the invasion of the Appelaxians – an alien species looking for a new ruler for their home planet – based on who first conquers Earth. Although the superheroes managed to fend off the invaders’ advances, they only did so by working together against a common enemy. This led them to agree that it was the best strategy and hence, the league was born.

Did you know that Justice League goes so far back that at the time of its creation, DC Comics was known as National Periodical Publications? In fact, the league was initially known as the “Justice Society of America”, getting its current name from the popularity of sports leagues! Furthermore, the initial success of Justice League was the inspiration behind Marvel’s Fantastic Four!

Since its inception to today, Justice League has been made into various films and animations, and even feature as attractions in theme parks! A testament to its popularity, you can find Justice League: Battle for Metropolis rides in a total of 7 Six Flags parks across the US and Mexico!

Popular Justice League Comics

Below is a short list of some of the popular comics (in no particular order):

Notable Characters of Justice League Comics

The original team consists of:

Various characters from DC Universe have featured in Justice League over the years, including:

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