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Guardians Of The Galaxy

A team of superheroes appearing in American comics published by Marvel, the first Guardians OI The Galaxy comic was published in 1969. Written by Arnold Drake and illustrated by Gene Colan, the inspiration for the Guardians came from the post-war era, where a difference in ideological thinking threatened to split the world apart. Although this contextual background may be less fresh in the minds of today’s readers, the fight to save the world and the triumph of good over evil remains prominent themes in superhero comics, explaining their enduring appeal.

About Guardians Of The Galaxy

Although Guardians Of The Galaxy received great response when it debuted in 1969, the team would not appear again until 5 years later in 1974! Only given their own series in 1976, it was discontinued after 7 issues due to poor sales, only reappearing a decade later.

The original Earth-691 team consists of members who represent the last of their kind on Earth, who have to battle against an alien species intent on conquering the solar system, the Badoon. While the Guardians defeat the Badoon eventually, they find themselves face to face with a new enemy in Korvac, a creation of the Badoon. They all return to 20th century Earth and fight a battle with the Avengers.

With the publication of the 2nd volume in 2008 came a new team and plotline, developing off the original. The new team decides they will take the preventative approach to handling crises instead of dealing with them as they come, and establish operations on the space station Know where. Circumstances lead to them meeting Vance Astro, the major of the original team, and they name themselves “Guardians Of The Galaxy”.

Popular Guardians Of The Galaxy Comics

Below is a short list of some of the popular comics (in no particular order):

Notable Characters of Guardians Of The Galaxy Comics

The original Earth-691 team consists of:

The following are all members of the modern team:

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