Footage From The Sequel To Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
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Nintendo Dropped Some New Footage From The Sequel To Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

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BY June 18, 2021

Hey, listen! There is new gameplay footage from the upcoming sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Legendary gamemakers Nintendo had their moment to shine at E3 on Tuesday. And unlike some other companies with highly anticipated games (I’m looking at you Bethesda and your lack of Elder Scrolls news) Nintendo actually delivered. The new footage for the untitled sequel to Breath of the Wild features some new gameplay mechanics. It also shows Link returning to the sky, similar to Skyward Sword. Let’s dive into the new footage for the Breath of the Wild sequel and see what we know about this upcoming game.

Why Make A Sequel For Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

First we must acknowledge how incredibly strange it is for a Legend of Zelda game to have a direct sequel. Typically the format of the games initiate some kind of time jump or reset of the world of Hyrule. Sequels rarely happen in the timeline of Zelda games. Way back in the beginning of the Legend of Zelda franchise, the second game The Adventure of Link was billed as Zelda II and was a direct sequel to the first game. There have also been pseudo-sequels before, like the way Majora’s Mask directly followed the events of Ocarina of Time. And then we have the “spiritual” sequels, such as A Link Between Worlds following up on A Link to the Past. But it has been decades since we have seen a direct sequel within the franchise.

Breath of the Wild Sequel Image via Nintendo

There are several factors that may play into why the new Legend of Zelda game is a sequel to the last one. But the biggest factor has to be simply that Breath of the Wild is perhaps the most successful and popular game in recent Legend of Zelda history. Sure, Skyward Sword was pretty good but Breath of the Wild was a (literal) game-changer. It introduced new gameplay mechanics, new world history, a new timeline for the franchise, voice actors, and so much more. Breath of the Wild quickly became the new fan favorite Zelda game when it was released in 2017. It has been acclaimed not only as the best Zelda game, but also the best game of all time. So why wouldn’t Nintendo want to continue riding that wave?

Gameplay Footage Reveals New And Familiar Gameplay Mechanics

Breath of the Wild Sequel Image via Nintendo

The biggest reveal of the new gameplay footage from the Breath of the Wild sequel is that Link is returning to the sky. We see him soaring through the air in a fashion similar to Skyward Sword, with his arms outspread as if he is actually flying. This is followed by the familiar sight of Link soaring through the air using the same paraglider he obtained in Breath of the Wild. Much of the map looks like it is set in the sky, with floating islands that also hearken back to the Skyward Sword days. Will we get the ability to ride flying animals again? Will we see the Loftwings return?

Breath of the Wild Sequel Footage Image via Nintendo

Another notable difference between Breath of the Wild and this sequel footage is that Link has a new cybernetic arm. What happened to cause this? It must be something that occurs at the very beginning of this new game. Since last I checked, my Link at the end of BOTW still had both arms. It seems like this cybernetic enhancement might be granting Link some new powers. Perhaps it is replacing the Sheikah slate of the previous game. Among the new abilities on display are a modified version of the stasis ability from BOTW. It also appears that Link can now reverse the flow of time, and use that ability to move through physical objects. At one point he phases through stone: an ability that I have never seen before.

Breath of the Wild Sequel Image via Nintendo

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel Is Coming In 2022

All of this is set against the stunning open world setting of Breath of the Wild. This truly does look like a direct sequel to the last game. And I’m intrigued at what the story will be. In the last game, we only saw Ganon as a malevolent force of evil. Perhaps this time around we’ll see more of Ganondorf, the man?

We are extremely excited about this new footage and what it means for the larger world of Hyrule. There is no release date set as of yet for this sequel to Breath of the Wild, but the teaser says that it will be coming next year in 2022. Of course we will be keeping a close eye on this game as it develops. To stay up to date, be sure to follow Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today!

(Featured image via Nintendo)


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