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XIII Remake Remake – Yes, Remaking A Remake

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BY July 1, 2022

Remakes are part of the norm these days. Almost every classic has gotten one. Remasters and remakes are the name of the game. But, has there been a remake of a remake? While it sounds ludicrous, the XIII Remake remake is apparently in the making.

We can consider XIII a cult classic. It’s a first-person shooter with comic book graphics. It’s similar to Marvel’s latest comic book monkey killer. Moreover, it borrowed the graphic style of DC novels.

In other words, it’s like an FPS you’d see in ComicConnect. The controls were simple. It had a nice but straightforward story. But, it caught fans out of guard with its unique style. It was nothing like what players had seen before.

So, a remake was an easy call. Or, so people would think. In reality, it was a disaster. Reviews tanked it. And, it’s now getting a remake, just a few years afterward.

The original remake didn’t hit the mark

In 2020, the XIII remake hit the market. And, critics hit the title. They hit it hard. Things went so bad that everyone involved issued an apology. They admitted the title didn’t meet the quality standards.

Of course, the pandemic was partly to blame. Still, it was a huge crash for the developers.

Reviews were fairly homogeneous. The animations were inconsistent. They worked fine sometimes. Yet, they seemed non-existent in other times. The sound was subpar. And, the updated visuals detracted from the original’s charm.

Steam reviews weren’t too kind, either.

Some panned it for being disappointing. They called it a direct downgrade to the original game. Others called it a lazy and disrespectful product. They claimed it spit on the face of the original game’s fans.

Of course, most recommended interested gamers not to buy it. Skip it and play the original. That was the mantra for most reviews.

The XIII Remake remake: part of an apology?

As we mentioned, virtually everyone involved apologized for the game. It was a huge blow to the industry and developers alike. So, it’s only natural to see the remake as part of that apology.

The game was filled with bugs. But, the biggest issue was the visual changes. Developers basically overwrote the one thing that made the original, well, original. It quickly became the worst reviewed title of 2020.

Microids and PlayMagic issued an apology. And, they claimed they were committed to improving the game. Of course, that included fixing the issues.

Microids ended up hiring a new study, Tower Five, to redo the game. The goal is to make it what was originally intended. So, players would enjoy the true XIII remake experience.

The rework was extensive. It started with the art direction, an obvious issue. But, it also targeted the AI and other technical problems.

Naturally, it’s sort of a redemption story for the publisher. The same goes for the online multiplayer mode. And, it’s also releasing a Switch version of the game.

The story of the failed remake: Can we redo it?

The decision to hire a new studio occurred over a year ago. The goal was to take enough time to fix the game. And, there might be good news for the disappointed fans.

The XIII Remake remake will come as a free update for owners of the original remake. Man, that was a confusing sentence to write. But, yes, they want to make up for the lost opportunity with the first remake.

The judge is still waiting to see if the second remake can make things right. But, we’re definitely excited to see where this remake is headed.



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