Xbox Series S Leaks - Microsoft Might Undercut PS5 Pricing
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Xbox Series S Leaks Suggest Microsoft Might Undercut PS5 Pricing

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BY May 20, 2022

News of the Xbox Series X meant there was a strong chance that other new Xbox consoles would be releasing. As it turns out, new Xbox Series S leaks point to Microsoft’s best chance at beating Sony in the next console generation. Let’s go over what the leaks are saying, and why they would really be a game changer. 

Xbox Series S Leaks – What We Know About A Possible Game Changer

xbox series s leaks Image Credit: Microsoft

With the PS5 confirmed by Sony, it appears the company is looking to capitalize on the success of the PS4. As the game console company to beat right now, the PS5 is going to be hard to stop. That is, unless the latest Xbox Series S leaks are true. As we know, the Xbox Series X revealed at The Game Awards 2019 is not the only Xbox coming out this holiday. 

New leaks about another Xbox console are showing why the PS5 might have more competition than we originally thought. It’s expected that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch prices will be for $499.99 USD. A Reddit user uncovered a new form of APU chip, which serves as a GPU and CPU in one single spec. The hybrid saves power and money. The chip is reported to be a part of Xbox Project Lockhart. Lockhart, was originally revealed to be a codename alongside Project Scarlett, which later became the Xbox Series X. It’s anticipated an Xbox Series S using this APU chip, will be $100 less than the Xbox Series X, seriously cutting the PS5’s price.

Is the PS5 in Trouble If a Cheaper Xbox is True? 

xbox series s leaks Image Credit: Microsoft

Without a doubt, an Xbox that costs $100 less at launch is a huge plus for Microsoft. I regularly play on an Xbox One S. While I love the Xbox One X, the S really is a wonderful console. A lot of gamers want something they can afford from the get go. If the Xbox Series S leaks are true, then Sony might have some trouble brewing come Holiday 2020. 

Would any truth behind the Xbox Series S leaks cause you to skip the PS5? If it does, then let us know in the comments. Thanks for choosing Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.

Image Credit: Microsoft


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