Xbox Is Adding Stories To The Mobile App
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Xbox Is Adding Stories To The Mobile App Because Why Not

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BY April 22, 2022

On iOS and Android, Microsoft has added a new row of tales to its Xbox app. It’s the same interface that started with Snapchat and has now expanded to Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, among other social networking apps. Slack will soon add tales as well. The news is all about that Xbox is adding stories to the mobile app because why not.

In case you haven’t had enough stories in your life, the mobile app also includes stories from Xbox games. Unlike other social networking applications, which include material made by your friends or those you follow, Xbox tales will feature content created by gaming brands.

So if you play a lot of Fortnite or Call of Duty, you’ll see news from those games as well as any others you follow on Xbox Live. The Xbox app’s stories are merely another kind of marketing for games, announcing deals, updates, and more.

Xbox Is Adding Stories To The Mobile App

The Xbox app, though, isn’t as obtrusive; and Microsoft has put these items midway down the page rather than prominently at the top. “Official postings from games” is how they’re referred to. Remember when Instagram was the only place where you could share your ‘Stories’?

You know, those one-time-only photos and videos that would vanish into thin air? We didn’t think so, either, because the concept has now been duplicated by every social media site under the sun. Now it’s the turn of Xbox. Because the distribution will begin in Australia for testing, Xbox fans in Australia will be the first to see the app’s new functionality.

According to Xbox ANZ, you’ll be able to post game footage, pictures, and achievements to your Stories every 72 hours.

Support for game tales appears to have already been handed out to the iOS and Android Xbox applications. Microsoft’s changelog is as follows:

  • Check out official game postings in a unique mobile-first experience to stay up to date on your favorite games.
  • Get involved in the community. See what others are saying in the comments, then add your own and share with your friends.
  • Improved reliability and consistency

Xbox is currently experimenting with a variety of various sharing methods, with Stories being the most recent addition. To be honest, all we want is for the console experience to be a little cleaner; but we’re always excited to see new capabilities added to the Xbox app.

It’s unclear whether Microsoft will allow Xbox network users to create their own tales on the Xbox app in the future, but there’s no mechanism to do so right now. Microsoft claims that stories will be added to the Xbox app “because everyone deserves to see that no scope,” yet you’ll only see no scopes from businesses, not from your amazing pals.

Notifications for real-time information

You can get notifications for parties, conversations, new friends and follows; ready-to-share captures, and more with the new Xbox app (Beta).

No matter where you play next, whenever you clear your notifications on any platform; your Xbox notifications will be refreshed across all of your Xbox accounts.

Share gaming memories

Not only does the latest Xbox Wireless Controller includes a share button; allowing you to capture your favorite gaming moments with a single button push. We’ve also created a new sharing experience that makes sharing game clips and screenshots with friends from your phone easier than ever.

Capture your favorite gameplay experiences with the Xbox Wireless Controller. To take a screenshot; hold down the button and press it again to record a game clip or double touch to launch your capture library. You may change how the Share button maps to collecting screenshots and game clips and accessing the media library via the Xbox Accessories control on your console.


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