Xbox Game Pass July Lineup - Soul Caliber Arrives July 1
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Xbox Game Pass July Lineup

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BY March 15, 2021

There are few fighting series more popular than Soul Caliber. Fans of the long-running series who play on Xbox might see quite a few more people online these next few days as opposed to past months. That’s because Soul Caliber 6 is leading the Xbox Game Pass July lineup with a few other titles worth checking out. Funny enough, this month’s lineup also includes a highly controversial and contested game as well. Let’s get into this month’s game additions as well as some DLC coming to the service.

What is Xbox Game Pass?

For those who don’t know, Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for games on Xbox One consoles and PC. For a fee, you get access to several top hits, sleeper favorites, and ID@Xbox titles from independent developers. We have a full rundown of what Xbox Game Pass explaining what the service is here. Now, let’s talk about the Xbox Game Pass July additions.

Xbox Game Pass July Lineup for Console

Two major games come to the service today for console. The first is likely going to be the most popular, but don’t sleep on the ID@Xbox entry either.

Soul Caliber 6 (July 1)

xbox game pass july Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

This entry of the popular fighting game includes a ton of classic characters from the series. With new battle stages and incredible worlds, the game is more fun than ever. Plus, the Stage of History is brand new and offers a new story mode experience. With new mechanics and fighters to master, including The Witcher’s Geralt, dive into action-packed gameplay this month. I have a feeling many people will be grabbing this one starting July 1.

CrossCode (July 9)

xbox game pass july Image Credit: ID@Xbox

CrossCode is an ID@Xbox title that uses a ton of classic gaming elements to make up a new, fun adventure. With a retro RPG style to it, you explore a world akin to The Legend of Zelda. Instead of the medieval vibe, however, you get more of a sci-fi story. There’s great physics-based combat as well as puzzles to master. The game boasts over 30 boss fights and hundreds of enemies to take on. If you love dungeon-crawling, then this is a must-get!

Fallout 76 (July 9 – Also Coming to PC)

Xbox Game Pass July Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studio

If there is a blueprint for messing up a game reveal, then it would likely be Fallout 76. The MMO-style take on the Wasteland adventure series received massive amounts of scrutiny upon release. Bethesda Game Studios has worked endlessly to tweak the experience, but it’s just not panning out as planned. There is a fairly dedicated player base. Plus, you do have more options as a solo player now than ever. Still, the Elder Scrolls Online is a much better MMO experience for Bethesda fans. The cool thing about Game Pass is you can try this out now without having to put money into it.

Xbox Game Pass July Lineup for PC

A single game is featured in this month’s Xbox Game Pass July lineup for PC. Still, it’s a great series I totally recommend.

Out of the Park Baseball 21 – (July 1)

Xbox Game Pass July Image Credit: Out of the Park Developments

Believe it or not, the Out of the Park baseball series has been around for 21 iterations now! With full licensing from the MLB, you can now run your own baseball team from top to bottom. The strategy game allows you to assemble a Championship team and run everything from fan experience to gameday decisions. If you love baseball, then this is certainly worth checking out!

DLC Additions to Xbox Game Pass Titles

A few new DLC packs are coming to Xbox Game Pass games this month as well. Here’s what to expect in July.

Minecraft Dungeons Adds Jungle Awaits DLC – July 1

Xbox Game Pass July Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

The Minecraft Dungeons review I wrote last month talked about planned DLC. Well, “Jungle Awaits” is the first entry in that lineup. There is a free update including a Lost Temple dungeon as well as new items. The full pack is available for purchase, but Xbox Game Pass subscribers get 10% off the total. With the new enemy group, the Jungle Abomination, you can expect tons of fun additions in this new DLC.

State of Decay 2 Continues to Update Content

xbox game pass july Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

State of Decay 2 is one of my favorite Xbox One games of this generation. With a ton of updates coming out regularly, the game always improves on its zombie survival premise. The new DLC packs include some fun additions. Rare provided Sea of Thieves weapons, outfits, and more to allow players to live out a pirates versus zombies fantasy. You can also get into the game at an easier difficulty with the Green Zone update. This new mode is a lot more relaxed and focuses less on base management and neverending threats so you can experience the game in a new way. For those who hate the constant struggle of playing SoD2, this is a welcome addition.

What Are You Playing on Xbox and PC in July?

Xbox Game Pass July Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

With a great lineup of games coming to Xbox Game Pass in July, what are you playing. If you have your eye on something, then let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft


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