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Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Is A Go

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BY April 19, 2022

The people asked for a Family Plan for Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft will finally deliver.

Since 2017, Xbox Game Pass has been savvy, money-saving way for console users to sample multiple games for a single price. Unfortunately, unlike Steam sharing, or Nintendo’s Family Membership, until now, Microsoft has jealously guarded its supply of games. One account meant one person for Xbox Game Pass. That miserly spirit is about to change, however! Xbox heard people’s cries and gave them a combined “Ultimate” pass. Now they have decided to accept that gaming is a family affair.

Microsoft is feeling generous, and Xbox Family Plan is in the works, according to Windows Central. If the details of licensing can be hashed out, the plan could go into effect as early as 2022. The rumor is that five people will be able to share an account. The current cost of Xbox Game Pass is $9.99 to $15 a month. It is not clear what the cost of a family plan will be. Often an entertainment subscription service will charge for the ability to share; the cost increases as the number of devices and/or accounts allowed does. Steam, on the other hand, lets any user share whatever is in their game library with up to five other accounts, and ten devices at once.  

It is likely that Microsoft will follow Nintendo and PlayStation’s general setup for their Xbox Game Pass Family Plan. Both those companies offer different tiers of plans. PlayStation+ debuted in March 2022.Each service undoubtedly has its upside — and it always depends on what games you can’t live without. Xbox Game Pass has both the highest price tag, and the largest library of games. 

xbox game pass family plan microsoft value in 2021 Image Credit: Xbox Game Pass

Will Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Cost More?

Currently, Xbox Game Pass is more expensive than Nintendo and PlayStation’s comparative versions. They run about $40-$112 a year. Xbox Game Pass charges by the month. However, there is talk on Twitter that they may eliminate the $10 options. This means that $180 will be the cost of a year of Microsoft fun. It feels unlikely that Microsoft won’t increase their pries, but it would be nice if they didn’t charge more for the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan.

On the other hand, Microsoft is in the process of purchasing Activision Blizzard. Assuming that that enormous sale is confirmed, Xbox Game Pass Family Plan might be even more worth the price, whatever that happens to be. That came after Microsoft snapped up Bethesda and Zenisoft in 2020, adding even more games to their library.

People share access to online content, whether or not a plan for that exists. You can always share a password with someone trustworthy. no matter how surly Netflix gets about it (especially lately). However, offering a catalog of content and a way to share it is the best thing for consumers and maybe for the companies if the former decide that the service is worth the price. Many people have been waiting for an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan. It might just be worth it for a lot of games who wish to share the wealth with loved ones. 

What do you think? Do you plan to get the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan? Are you waiting to see how much it costs, or are does your loyalty belong to to a different platform? 

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