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Warzone DMZ Beginner Guide To The Exclusion Zone!

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BY November 17, 2022

At last, Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is here. The new Warzone iteration brings an overhaul of the original game. You’ve got aquatic combat, AI enemies, strongholds, and more. However, this article will cover the most interesting addition. I’m bringing you my Warzone DMZ beginner guide.

Since yesterday, I’ve been grinding the game non-stop. My main goal was to create the best guide to get you started. Now, don’t expect advanced tips and tricks. That will be for another article. Instead, this guide’s objective is to get you in the right mindset.

Right now, the game feels fantastic. Its predecessor’s fluid and fast-paced combat are still here. But, the new weapon workshop and AI enemies really shake things up. Let’s hope the anti-cheat system is as optimal as the other additions. Yet, I’m happy with it so far.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into it. What do you need to know before diving into the DMZ?

Familiarizing yourself with your loadouts and weapon types

Weapon tipes in Warzone 2.0 dmz This one was a bit confusing during my first few hours.

I hate to admit this. But, understanding the contraband and insured weapons system took me quite a while. In hindsight, I feel so dumb, it’s impressive. Basically, weapons split into two main categories. Those categories depend on how you get them.

Yes, you have different weapon classes. There are assault rifles, submachine guns, marksman rifles, and more. But, let’s focus on Contraband and Insured weapons.

Contraband weapons make up the bulk of your arsenal. This category includes all weapons you find during your operations. If you extract with new guns, they’ll be here. You can bring them anytime you want. Just remember: you’ll lose them if you die during the operation.

You can’t customize Contraband weapons. They come as you found them. Thus, you’ll need to adapt to them on the run.

Insured weapons are your own guns. You can customize them however you want. Plus, you won’t lose them after dying during a mission. You can unlock different weapon blueprints to expand this arsenal.

The only downside is that they have a cooldown. After perishing, players will have to wait a few hours before using the slot again. You start with one slot. Completing missions unlocks a couple of other slots. The cooldown applies to each slot, not specific guns. Don’t think you can just change your Insured gun.

Using your Insured weapon as soon as it is available

That said, Insured weapons are still your safer bet. After all, you can always rely on them not to go unarmed. Since you can’t lose them permanently, they’re perfect for practicing. With time, they’ll be vastly superior to weapons you find on the field.

Getting there will take a while. You have to level up each gun individually. That unlocks attachments for all guns within the same gun family. Each level offers new sights, stocks, barrels, and even ammo. Of course, that means the weapon is fairly subpar at the start.

Still, I highly recommend using it as soon as it’s off cooldown. That way, you’ll upgrade it while getting used to the game. Of course, it’s also more consistent than random Contraband weapons.

Of course, you can’t spam it. As I said, the slot enters cooldown—not the gun itself. As such, you’ll probably spend a while without it. Luckily, you can lower the slot’s cooldown by extracting with valuables. Valuables are random items, like bandages, car batteries, and watches. They have no use other than selling in stores or lowering your Insured gun’s cooldown.

Finally, I’d recommend you stick to one gun while leveling up. Find out what works best for you and focus on upgrading it. Don’t fall for the temptation of leveling up different weapons simultaneously. It’ll only slow you down.

Make your Warzone DMZ beginner guide by trial and error

Warzone’s DMZ game mode can be intimidating for new players. After all, you’re reading my Warzone DMZ beginner guide, aren’t you? One of the reasons is that you can lose all your gear in one run.

However, you can’t become an expert by merely reading guides. You must make mistakes and learn the ins and outs by yourself. That’s why I highly advise you not to go into the first missions with high hopes. During your first operations, your objective should be to get used to the game.

That means learning the map, how the AI works, and other mechanics. Yes, you have a few missions to complete right away. Don’t feel compelled to do everything you can to accomplish them. On the other hand, they offer a great introduction to different mechanics.

The first missions will have you completing contracts and interacting with the environment. It’s a great way to understand contracts, strongholds, and stores.

Then, use them to complement your own exploration. You start off with a bunch of Contraband weapons as well. You’ve got plenty of room to make mistakes while you get used to the game.

That way, you can find out what works for you. Warzone 2.0’s DMZ game mode accommodates many playstyles. Take your time to learn from your mistakes. You’ll find a strategy that works for you soon!

Avoiding the “gear fear” (or fear of losing your equipment)

Weapons in warzone dmz beginner guide Gear fear is your worst enemy in extraction-based shooters.

If you’ve played Escape from Tarkov, you know what “gear fear” is. Most extraction-based shooters have you lose your stuff upon death. Naturally, that instills a type of anxiety. Players don’t want to lose hard-earned equipment.

In many cases, the consequences are quite problematic. For some, it keeps them from enjoying the game. Others might outright give up on DMZ because of that anxiety. Thus, it can freeze you in your tracks.

Overcoming gear fear is crucial if you want to enjoy what the DMZ has to offer. I can assure you that gear fear can make things more fun. It increases the stakes of the game. Yet, you need to learn how to see things.

The best way to overcome gear fear is to face it. Keep playing with Contraband weapons. Do your best not to adapt your playstyle to avoid losing them. Try to pick up fights with other players if you feel comfortable.

With those tactics, you’ll realize losing gear isn’t life or death. You can find new stuff as easily as you can lose them. Just enjoy the excitement of that risk. It just takes a while to get used to it.

Plus, Warzone 2.0’s DMZ is a lot more forgiving than other games. You can find matches quickly. It’s also much more fast-paced. AI opponents are easy to find. And, they always have guns for you. You can also constantly find weaponry in boxes and certain locations.

That takes me to my next tip…

Doing supply runs to replenish your arsenal

dmz operator without weapons Even “naked” runs can net you some good profits.

Not all deployments need to fulfill Faction Missions or result in successful PvP. Sometimes, you just need to go shopping in the DMZ. Remember: most of your gear will come from your operations. It only makes sense to dedicate some operations to gearing up.

Luckily, you have your trusty Insured weapon. And, you can always deploy with free stun and frag grenades. So, you’re never completely out of options.

You always have a small backpack and two weapon slots. I’d recommend you only take one gun. You can save the second slot to get an extra Contraband gun into your stash.

dead dmz enemy with weapons Luckily, there’s no shortage of weapons in the DMZ.

For illustration, I did an unarmed run into the DMZ. I willingly unequipped my primary and secondary weapons. It was me, a recon drone, and some grenades. Some of the AI enemies aren’t particularly strong. You just need a little extra effort.

For instance, I managed to take out a few with a stun and a frag grenade. In my raid’s first few minutes, I had a full loadout already. Another time, I ran out of ammo. I just had to stun an enemy and use my fists.

drilling safes in warzone dmz Drilling safes and completing missions is another way to get better gear.

Then, we have to touch on what else the environment has to offer. You can find countless boxes with weapons to loot. And, you can also find safes, like the one above. These containers often have decent guns for you to extract.

warzone dmz beginner guide shop Valuables and shops are also your best friends when doing supply runs.

You might wonder what’s the deal with all the cash you run into. Also, what’s the point of those watches and laptops you find? They’re completely useless during the conflict.

That’s what I thought at first.

The DMZ is similar to the Battle Royale in that it has shops. In them, you can spend your money to get better gear and weapons. Gear includes better armor and backpacks. You can buy random Contraband weapons. Some even let you order an armored vehicle.

In these shops, you can also sell all your valuables for extra cash.

keys in warzone dmz Also, keep an eye out for special keys around the map.

You might also run into keys to certain places. These keys can be invaluable if you’re on a supply run. They often unlock special locations that contain good loot. During my gameplay, I ran into a key to the mall.

You can see it below.

mall in warzone dmz This mall is an example: filled with geared enemies and boxes to loot.

Inside the mall, I found stronger enemies. They were harder to take down. But, they had better gear. So, it was a great stop to find new guns for my arsenal. The mall also had several loot containers.

New enemy AI: The best Warzone DMZ beginner guide

AI enemies in warzone dmz They might not be as dangerous as other operators. That doesn’t mean you can be careless.

During my Warzone DMZ beginner guide research, AI made up most encounters. Overall, they’re a fun addition. They’re great for spicing things up during your raids. You’re always on your toes around towns and strongholds.

Luckily, they’re not exactly killing machines. They’re fairly similar to Call of Duty’s regular single-player AI enemies. But, you shouldn’t let your guard down. They’ll usually outnumber you. So, you have to be careful how you approach them.

As mentioned, some enemies also have better gear. If you take too long fighting, reinforcements will come. It’s common for choppers to deploy armored enemies to take you out.

Of course, that means the DMZ is quite dangerous. On the other hand, it’s a great way to hone your combat skills. Players can practice their aim as soon as they’re on the field.

Also, you can use AI enemies to your advantage. A few times, I was able to surprise other operators thanks to them. Players would fight the AI, letting me take them out in the confusion. Their gunshots are also great alarms to nearby players.

Faction missions and game mode progression

Now, let’s go back to faction missions for a bit. Warzone 2.0’s DMZ doesn’t have an ultimate goal. But, that doesn’t mean all your missions are pointless. The game mode showcases three factions. You’ll have to unlock two of them, though.

Missions serve several purposes.

Firstly, they’re a fantastic introduction to different gameplay elements. Many missions make you do things you’ll repeat later. For instance, some missions ask you to find and complete contracts. So, you’re learning how the contracts system works.

Missions also have different rewards. Some provide you with Contraband weapons for completing them. Others yield lots of XP for leveling up. And, others unlock weapon blueprints for your Insured guns.

XP is crucial since it lets you unlock more gadgets for your raids.

Finally, we must go back to Insured weapon slots. As I told you, you start with one. You can unlock two more slots. However, they’re locked by the mission system. You’ll have to complete several Faction Missions to unlock them.

Surviving over PvP: The mark of a good player

successful extraction warzone dmz At one point, your goal is more about surviving than having the most kills.

Yes, I encourage you to go into the DMZ and make mistakes. Find people to fight with. Take as many fights as you can. Try to complete as many missions and goals as you can in one raid. That’s great for learning how the DMZ works.

But, that’s only the Warzone DMZ beginner guide side of things. With time, you’ll have to worry more about progression. That means completing your goals and surviving. After all, survival is the main objective in extraction games.

Once you feel comfortable with the game, learn to control yourself. You don’t have to fight every stronghold. Likewise, taking out operators isn’t imperative. Eventually, you must identify when you’ve accomplished enough.

Some missions require you to extract. They’re great examples of why exfiltration is so important. After all, that’s how you get to keep all the things you looted.

Successful extraction with loot With more loot, your need for extraction becomes greater.

Leaving with Contraband weapons unlocks them as Insured weapons. So, you might want to extract if you found a gun you like. From there, you can level it up and customize it with your Insured slots.

The same goes for any gear you find. You always have a basic backpack and armor. But, you can find better ones on the field. For instance, medium backpacks can carry an extra gun. You can also find armors with two and three plates.

As far as I know, you can only get them during operations. So, extracting can make you more powerful for your next operation.

Lastly, remember that extracting with valuables lowers your Insured slot cooldown. So, make sure you’re surviving enough to keep that gun up.

Extraction carelessness: The bane of any Warzone DMZ beginner guide

extraction in warzone dmz beginner guide Don’t rush into the extraction point—except if you want to “extract forcefully” (by dying, I mean).

Nevertheless, extracting can be the most dangerous moment of your operation. For starters, you can run into players camping the extraction. That happened to me on my second run. They took me and my friend out in seconds because we rushed with a bike into the EZ.

And, in my last run, the same thing happened. We activated the exfil chopper and noticed two other players. They started shooting at my friend. Luckily, they didn’t notice me. I managed to take them out before extracting successfully.

The lesson here is: be careful.

chopper arriving in warzone dmz Pick a strategic position you can hold and wait for a bit.

Now, you don’t have to run into other players for things to complicate. Calling for the extraction chopper triggers a wave of enemies. They’ll do everything they can to keep you from extracting.

So, you want to find a fortified position as soon as possible. You’ll have to hold out for about a minute until your ride arrives. So, make sure you have enough armor plates and ammo.

war video game Extracting is one of the toughest moments of the game.

You can easily die while waiting for the extraction. And, players can interrupt your stand at any time. Make sure you approach extraction zones carefully. You might even catch players off guard while they’re fighting. Afterward, you can take their chopper.

The map and pings becoming the Warzone DMZ’s beginner guide’s main ally

warzone dmz The map and ping system are vital when you’re starting out.

Warzone has one huge advantage over games like Escape from Tarkov or Marauders. I can’t conclude my Warzone DMZ beginner guide without it. Yes, I’m talking about the in-game map.

Some extraction shooters have maps. But, it’s rare to find them accessible at any time. So, make the most out of your tactical map while you’re in the DMZ. You can find vehicles, strongholds, shops, contracts, and more.

However, that’s not everything. Unique to Warzone’s DMZ, you can ping these locations. It makes it easier to orient yourself around the map. This feature can be a lifesaver if you need to extract quickly.

So, always make sure you or a friend is pinging your next destination. Trust me, it can be a lifesaver.



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