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Upcoming Events for World of Warcraft

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BY May 20, 2022

One of the many things I really enjoy about playing World of Warcraft is being a part of the monthly in-game events and holidays that take place in the world of Azeroth. Every year, I personally take part in the Hallow’s End holiday as it is my favorite event. Last year’s Hallow’s End was probably my best year ever and I ended up receiving a ton of great items. The in-game events and holidays are a great way to earn special mounts, pets, gear, achievements, and a slew of other (usually holiday or event-related) items. These monthly events really offer fun ways to take a break from your normal questing grind, taking on a dungeon or raiding. The following is a list of upcoming events in that you can join while playing The World of Warcraft:


I like to think of Noblegarden as World of Warcraft’s spring egg-hunting event. Noblegarden is where players can travel to the various starting areas to try and find hidden, brightly colored eggs.  Once you have found an egg and  right-click on it, the egg will open to reveal  the items hidden inside (this is very much like the loot-filled pumpkins found in the Hallow’s End event) The loot will usually be Noblegarden chocolates, but I have been surprised a few times in the past to get an event item out of one of the eggs. Like other event-based vendors, Noblegarden chocolate is the only currency that Noblegarden vendors will accept when you want to purchase these event items. Event Items that can be purchased from these vendors include costumes, pets, mounts and other holiday based items (personally, I like the Blossoming Branch). Like most holidays in World of Warcraft, Noblegarden comes with a daily quest for you to complete. “The Great Egg Hunt” is completed by collecting shell fragments, which can usually be found in the brightly colored eggs you are hunting. If you are looking to take part of a Noblegarden event, it will take place on April 22nd  and run through April 29th.

Volunteer Guard Day

Volunteer Guard Day is a fun, one-day event that takes place on April 28th.  By going up to one of the guards in a major city corresponding to your faction and using the salute emote (/salute), you will be transformed into one of the city’s guards via the buff called “Volunteer City Guard”. Now for those of you that will attend the event for this first time this year, taking the buff on does open the door for you to be attacked by city invaders. Killing a certain number of these invaders, however, will change the name of the buff. The more invaders killed, the higher your rank will be (defender, heroic defender and mythic defender).  You can always change which guard you want to look like by just going up to the new guard in a new city and using the salute emote just as you did before. Since I’m currently playing as a night elf, this year I will be starting my Volunteer Guard Day as a Night Elf guard.

Children’s Week

If you like collecting pets, then the Children’s Week event is for you. During the week of May 2nd through May 9th, players from both the Horde and The Alliance will be able to participate by visiting one of the orphanages found in one of their respective cities (Stormwind and Dornna for the Alliance and  Orgimmar and Salandria for the Horde). The city you pick will determine the race of the orphan child. You can visit both orphanages in your faction’s respective city and take on both orphans. This is where you will start the questline “Children’s week.” This will have you take your orphan on an adventure of sorts all throughout Azeroth with a few bonding quests toward the end. Once you have completed the series of quests for your orphan, you will be able to have your choice of pets as your reward. The pets that you can earn during this event have fitting names for their species (in true Warcraft fashion). Completing the quest in Children’s Week will earn you the title of either matron or patron depending on your character’s gender.  Not only will players that participate in the event earn pets and a title, but there are a few in-game achievements you can earn during this event as well. I think this will be the first year I won’t be starting off with an Orc orphan.

The Darkmoon Faire

While the Darkmoon Faire isn’t a once a year event like the other events on the list, it’s still one that is a fun one to in which to participate.. The Darkmoon Faire is a monthly carnival event filled with games your character can play (personally my favorites are the shooting game and the Tonks game), rides, boss battles, and pet battles just to name a few. The newest ride to the Darkmoon Faire is a rollercoaster which was added in the most recent patch. By playing the games found at the Faire as a daily quest, you can win tickets to exchange for prizes with the Faire vendors. These prizes include gear, pets, toys and other items that can be very helpful. Some items (like the Darkmoon Top Hat) give you a buff to gain extra experience and extra reputation for 1 hour You can also gain this effect by riding on the carousel or roller-coaster and gaining the buff called “Weee!”.  These buffs can be a very helpful tool when questing to unlock any of the allied races that came out in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. New players should be aware that some items do have a certain level requirement to use.   As of this writing, the Darkmoon Faire will have come and gone for April, but you can look forward to it rolling back into town in first week of May.

These are just a few highlights of the events that players can look forward to in the coming weeks. World of Warcraft still has regular reoccurring events such as the fishing tournament (Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza) that takes place every Sunday , monthly pet battles , PvP battles, timewalking events (these have level requirements to participate in), and special dungeons that are more than enough to keep players busy during a month.

Those looking to start playing World of Warcraft can join in on these events for free by getting a trial account. Please note that these trial accounts do have limited account features. With a trial account, you can play up until your character reaches a level 20. At that time, you will need to subscribe to keep playing. Returning players can always re-subscribe to join in on the fun and pick up where they left off. Both returning players and new players will find a slew of helpful guides on the World of Warcraft website. You can also check the forum boards as well to help get reacclimated to all the changes made since you have last logged in or can offer help with getting used to the game’s interface as well as the controls . A lot of people on these boards are very helpful for both new players and returning players, I have found them to always be open to answering any questions that you have.

Let us know which event you are most looking forward to, Which orphans will you be adopting this year? Which are your favorite games to play at the Darkmoon Faire?  Feel free to drop a line in the comments below.

Source Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft in game calendar.   

Image Credit : WorldofWarcraf.com/ World Of Warcraft/ Blizzard Entertainment



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