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The Witcher Project Sirius Restarted, Not Canceled

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BY March 31, 2023

Finally, we’ve got some good news about The Witcher Project Sirius! Today, CD Projekt Red has officially announced they haven’t canceled the game. Instead, they are restarting development on the upcoming multiplayer game. So, all the rumors about the game’s cancellation are not true. Thankfully, the developer has just decided to reevaluate the project. As such, the game will take a little longer to release. But it’s definitely on the way!

For those who don’t know, CD Projekt Red is the same company that gave us the amazing Witcher video game trilogy. The trilogy, which includes The Witcher, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is based on the Witcher book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. The games follow the story of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter, as he navigates the dangerous world of the Continent. Naturally, many people have praised the games for their immersive storytelling, complex characters, and breathtaking graphics.

Now, the developer is taking on a new challenge with The Witcher Project Sirius. The game offers multiplayer gameplay on top of a single-player experience. So this means that fans can look forward to a new way of experiencing the Witcher world. Previously, CD Projekt Red announced the title alongside two other new Witcher games. The developer is also teaming up with Fool’s Theory to remake the original Witcher using Unreal Engine 5.

What is The Witcher Project Sirius?

The Witcher Project Sirius Image: CD Projekt Red

Adam Kiciński recently spoke about The Witcher Project Sirius during a recent financial earnings call. He’s CD Projekt Red’s president and joint CEO. Here’s what he said:

“So this is a project which is, I would say, insourced. It’s also new to us in terms of design and format. For those reasons, it’s very different from the big productions we are known for. To stay competitive, we have to keep looking for new ways to extend our franchises. At the same time, we need to be ready to reevaluate our original concepts, even if the development work is already underway.”

Additionally, Kiciński also explained that the decision to restart development on The Witcher Project Sirius was a tough one to make. However, he noted that the company felt it was the right choice. According to him:

“Our intention was to cut costs early and give ourselves time for reassessment. We don’t want to carry on with projects that we are not aligned with. So basically, that’s all we would like to share about Project Sirius for now,” 

The game is a new project for CD Projekt Red. Naturally, it’s different from the big productions that the company is known for: 

“It’s also new to us in terms of design and format. At the same time, we need to be ready to reevaluate our original concepts, even if the development work is already underway.”

So, we’re thrilled to hear that The Witcher Project Sirius is still on track. We can’t wait to see what CD Projekt Red has in store! Of course, the developer constantly delivers quality games. As such, we’re sure that the new game will be no exception. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments, so stay tuned!


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