The Walking Dead Last Mile Game Launches
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The Walking Dead Last Mile Game Launches

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BY October 4, 2022
We might be coming up to the end of the TV series, but The Walking Dead Last Mile officially launched today. This is a game exclusive to Facebook, and it will only run for four months. Here are all the details about this limited game.

What is The Walking Dead Last Mile?

The Walking Dead Last Mile Image: Skybound Entertainment

The Walking Dead Last Mile is a Facebook game that will run for four months. Skybound Entertainment is behind the game, alongside Genvid Entertainment. You might recognize Skybound from their previous Walking Dead games, including several board games.

The game will feature an interactive storyline, and this will change each day with the fans. Players will get to make decisions in the game that affect the lives of the characters. Skybound has said that the game is meant to be a virtual world that is constantly changing. They are trying to make it similar to real-life and want fans to choose how the game’s canon changes.

Alongside the game, there will be an official Facebook live stream hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day. During the live stream, Day and Brown will discuss the choices that fans made in the game. In addition, they will also talk about the plot with special guests and break down the biggest moments of the game so far.

Also, The Walking Dead Last Mile is meant to be a celebration of the TV series’s end. After all, the show has been running for 12 years, starting with the first episode in 2010. So, now the fans finally have the ability to be ‘part’ of The Walking Dead universe and make decisions to affect the storyline.

What is The Walking Dead Last Mile Plot?

The Walking Dead Last Mile Image: Skybound Entertainment

So far, Skybound hasn’t revealed a lot about the plot of The Walking Dead Last Mile. We know that the first entry to the game will be the Prologue. This will drop later today, and it’ll help to create the world for the series. The Prologue will help fans to understand the process of The Walking Dead Last Mile, followed by the first episode of Brown and Day’s live stream. During this live stream, Brown and Day will explain how the game works and help fans know what to do.

However, don’t expect to start playing the game immediately. After the Prologue drops, there’ll be a hiatus for two weeks. This is to help the developers respond to any critiques and iron out any potential errors. Once The Walking Dead Last Mile resumes, players will have three Acts to play through. These will last four weeks, and they will run during November.

Also, the developers have promised that the game will feature an “epic storyline” that is one of the best from The Walking Dead. In the Instant Game version, players will have greater creativity, as they can create survivors and earn points. These points will allow players to bid on certain decisions, effectively having an impact on the story.

Additionally, Day will have her own live stream where she plays The Walking Dead Last Mile. She will show her decisions and will play with the other community members. Also, fans can contribute to her live stream with polls and other cool features.

TWD Additional Information

The Walking Dead Last Mile Image: Skybound Entertainment

Speaking about The Walking Dead Last Mile, Day said:

“Gaming is a huge part of my life and career, so I’m thrilled to host an interactive live stream event that will create an innovative, one-of-a-kind experience for The Walking Dead fans and gamers. Very excited to see what pushing the limits of interactive storytelling can accomplish.”

Additionally, Robert Kirkman, who is the creator of The Walking Dead franchise, spoke about how the game is “a bold and exciting new expansion.” He stated that “fans will make those choices together, as a community. The results will not only change the fate of those characters but also their future in the franchise.”

You can start playing the beta version of The Walking Dead Last Mile and the Prologue from today. The full launch will come in the fall, along with the final episodes of the TV series.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about this game? Let us know what you think below!

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