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Tetris Movie Creators Speak Gaming History

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BY April 5, 2023

The Tetris movie has been a surprise for many. It sheds unique light on the game’s development. But, you’re making a mistake if you see it as just that. Instead, Tetris is a look into gaming’s origins. And, that’s something the Tetris movie creators explained today.

In an interview with Kotaku, they tackled how the movie reveals Tetris’ history. And, that’s true for the entire gaming industry’s history. As the movie trailer shows, it’s a complicated story. But, it’s one that revolutionized the world.

Today, you can find countless versions of Tetris. But, it wasn’t this way forever. Let’s see what the creators had to say.

The anxiety of releasing Tetris during the Soviet Union

tetris movie creators photo “I was definitely breaking the law,” said Henk Rogers. (Image credit: Apple TV+)

By far, the most interesting part of the interview was the game’s development. To no one’s surprise, releasing the game during the Soviet Union was tough. During the interview, Rogers explains how he secured the deal outside the country.

Both creators knew they were breaking the law by doing that. Rogers had no credentials, including a visa. However, he managed to secure it.

They also compared the development time with current history. They mention all the current versions and how they keep track of them. Rogers also developed The Black Onyx, probably the first roleplaying video game. Despite technical difficulties, it was a much easier endeavor.

That secured him a publishing company and visits to gaming conventions.

From the troublesome times of Tetris’ release to the growth of gaming

One of the many tetris versions Tetris is one of the few games that’s kept its essence after countless versions. (Image credit: Kotaku)

Another interesting part was their analysis of the current gaming industry. Today, the gaming industry is arguably larger than movies. And, they’re proud of that.

That’s for a good reason. After all, Tetris was instrumental in the industry. And, we can see that evolution in the same game. Right now, we have dozens of Tetris versions. Several of them are also competitive titles.

Tetris is one of the most popular competitive games. You can see tournament live streams. Thus, its legacy is also evidenced in its evolution.

The Tetris movie showing the world’s evolution through gaming

electronic conventions Today, gaming is an integral part of our society’s growth and evolution. (Image credit: Kotaku)

Rogers makes one last, interesting point. Yes, the Tetris movie creators expect people to feel inspired by the film. And, they believe it’s part of our evolution as a society.

Before, most jobs were physical. As such, most of the youth were into sports and physical activities. That said, today’s case is different. Most jobs take place in offices, in front of computers. So, the youth’s shift into gaming is only natural.

He firmly promotes this belief. Naturally, it’s also one I can support. Therefore, let’s hope the movie removes the current gaming stigma. Granted, most of that comes from the older, traditionalist population.

Still, it would be great to get parents to stop nagging kids about gaming.

Featured Image Credit: Kotaku



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