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Tech Review: Soundpeats H1 Bluetooth Earbuds

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BY October 18, 2021

Gaming doesn’t always happen in front of a television anymore. With the rise of mobile gaming and things like Xbox Cloud Gaming, on-the-go play is greatly increasing. Not to mention, the Switch reinvented how we think of handheld gaming as well. There’s so much that goes into a quality gaming experience when you’re not at home. The real trick is getting enough immersion to really be able to have a great time. That’s where a good pair of headphones comes in. You’re not likely to bring along your over-the-head headphones if you’re commuting or playing in public. That’s why a great pair of earbuds can be essential for gamers on the go. Check out this review of the Soundpeats H1 Bluetooth Earbuds and find out why they’re coming with me on trips and commutes from here on out.

Soundpeats H1 Features and Highlights

Soundpeats H1 Bluetooth Earbuds Review Image Credit: Soundpeats

The Soundpeats H1 Bluetooth Earbuds tackle all of the traditional issues I have with this style of headphones. Firstly, I never find earbuds to be all that comfortable. Secondly, I’m not always a fan of the stereo sound earbuds attempt to offer. Not to mention, Bluetooth earbuds often suffer from latency issues when it comes to gaming. Good news: these are all things I love about the Soundpeats H1s.

The comfort of the H1s comes from their ergonomic design. With a really great array of options for ear tips in the packaging, you’re sure to find a good fit. They don’t slide out of your ear and sit comfortably for long gaming sessions. I even took them on a run with me out of curiosity and they felt comfortable for miles. There’s a lot to be said about the Comply memory foam ear tips especially. The audio is great with these and passive outside noise level is further suppressed to as low as 28dB. They’re not noise-canceling like over-the-ear options like the Audeze Mobius gaming headphones, but they’re the best earbuds I’ve used that keep outside noise away.

Soundpeats H1 Bluetooth Earbuds Review Image Credit: Soundpeats

These comfort and noise features fit hand in hand with an 8.6 mm dynamic driver and Qualcomm QCC3040 chipset that provide excellent sound quality. The specs in these things are remarkable and you hear the difference from the getgo. My preconceived notions of what earbuds could offer in terms of power whisked away after 30 minutes of using the H1s. Gaming on my phone and on a computer provided lag-free audio across a number of genres of games. At an industry-lowest 60 milliseconds for audio syncing to devices, these headphones offer the portability you want with the quality you need as a serious gamer.

Soundpeats H1 Bluetooth Earbuds Review

I don’t score a tech review, but I highly recommend the Soundpeats H1 Bluetooth Earbuds. There’s a lot to love especially when you’re on the go. 40-hour battery life for the charging case offers 4 10-hour sessions with the headphones. You can also use the headphones to take phone calls with an AI assistant. Simply saying “Hi, Soundpeats” and stating “answer call” takes you from games to conversations quickly. It’s nice because you can use the H1s for both parts of your day. Game on the way to work while taking the train and easily grab a call if you need to.

That’s really the joy of the H1s. They fit right into whatever your day brings. Plus, they’re great enough to actually warrant me using them at home too. When you want a superior sound without the bulkiness of over-the-ear headphones, this is the experience you’re looking for. The H1s run for $89.99 USD which is also a huge perk. They’re less than $100 and provide sound that is easily triple that cost.

If you liked this review, then check out the Soundpeats H1 Bluetooth Earbuds on the company’s website. Put any questions you might have in the comments too and I’m happy to answer them.

Please note: a sample pair of headphones was sent by the company for the purposes of this review. This did not impact the review content or my impression of the Soundpeats H1 Bluetooth Earbuds.

Featured Image Credit: Soundpeats


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