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Tech Review: PowerA Charging Stand for Xbox Controllers

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BY August 16, 2021

There’s nothing worse than losing out on gaming time to a dead controller. It’s a huge reason I abandoned AA batteries for my Xbox controllers long ago. If you’re like me and prefer the rechargeable route, then you don’t need anything special. A cord and a battery to throw in your controller gets the job done. That said, why not make your charging setup a part of your console or PC display? That’s where the PowerA Charging Stand for Xbox comes in handy. This sleek and convenient approach to charging your Xbox controller looks great and offers easy charging. Here’s a quick review of this newly essential addition to my gaming setup.

PowerA Charging Stand for Xbox – Convenient and Sleek

powera charging stand for Xbox Image Credit: PowerA

Last week, we highlighted a must-have gaming accessory with the Soundpeats H1 Bluetooth Earbuds. The accessory I’m going to talk about today might seem a little bit more optional, but it’s a great pickup. The PowerA Charging Stand for Xbox comes in a single controller option and a dual controller option. As you can see above, the stand can hold and charge two Xbox Series X/S controllers at once. I picked up the option in white but you can also opt for a black model.

Now, you don’t necessarily need to use a rechargeable battery with your Xbox controller. That said, you’re probably working through quite a few AA batteries if you’re not. The new Xbox Series X/S controllers seem to blow through a charge even faster than the older models. There’s something to be said about having an easy place to charge your controller. Thanks to the design of the dock, you simply set the Xbox controller on the stand and press down the dock to enable charging. If you’re not looking to charge but want to rest your controller there, then simply don’t press down.

I’d recommend not charging your controller at all times you’re not gaming. Battery life can drop if you charge any device or hardware too frequently. While I can’t speak to the PowerA’s approach on things like smart charging capabilities, I’d just go the safe route. Not to mention, the stand is able to look exactly the same for your setup when not charging. It takes up very little space too, so it might be perfect for PC gamers who prefer the Xbox peripheral.

Overall, this isn’t a super exciting purchase but a necessary one if you like a clean setup and charging solution for your controller. While you might not want to spring for a huge purchase that does something solely of utility, the PowerA stand is inexpensive. At $20 USD, you’re able to charge your controller easily and have your setup look good while going unused.

Check out the PowerA Charging Stand for Xbox on the PowerA website. You’ll also find it on Amazon, at Best Buy, and stocked with plenty of other gaming retailers. If you have any questions about the product, then drop them in the comments! I’ll do my best to answer everything down below. Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.

Featured Image Credit: PowerA


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