Switchback VR Game Brings New Meaning To Horror
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Switchback VR Game Brings New Meaning To Horror

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BY February 19, 2023

Virtual reality may be one of the newest ways to play video games, but that doesn’t stop developers from being creative. In particular, Supermassive Games, who created the Switchback VR game, have created a new way to make you feel terrified. It’s a horror shooter game with a twist; it features eye tracking. Essentially, this means that the enemies in the game will “know” if you’re looking at them. If you’re not, then they’ll start moving. How terrifying is that?! Supermassive Games will drop this innovative title on February 22nd, exclusively for the PlayStation VR2. 

In the game, players will have to fight their way past several enemies from previous games by Supermassive Games. In particular, they’ll challenge themselves to defeat villains from The Dark Pictures Anthology. So, you can expect to see many creatures from The Devil in Me and Man of Medan. But don’t expect you’ll just be shooting them – oh no. The developers revealed you’ll come face to face with some of the most terrifying enemies from the series!

Supermassive Games revealed this information about the Switchback VR game in PlayStation Blog entry. In this entry, they spoke about using the improved technology in the PSVR2 to help make the game more terrifying.

Speaking about the game, they said: 

“Due to the innovative and immersive offering of the PS VR2, the experience of Switchback VR has intensified since its predecessor, taking players for a multisensory ride through ghost-ships, witch-hunts, vampire nests and the lair of a sadistic killer on a fast-paced horror experience.”

So, there are plenty of enemies to fight against in the Switchback VR game!

Switchback VR Technology

Switchback VR Game Image: PlayStation Store

If you thought this was just a regular video game, you’re wrong. Apparently, certain enemies in the game will attack when you blink. If that isn’t bad enough, others will attack you if you’re not looking straight at them. While this is happening, you can hear ghastly screams and malicious whispers. Additionally, you’ll need to physically duck while moving through the game’s world. If not, you might feel a bump on the head. You might wanna keep those eyes peeled! 

This immersive experience comes from the new eye-tracking technology, 3D audio headset, and haptic feedback system. Clearly, the Switchback VR game will be one heck of an experience!

As you do this, you can use the Sense controllers to fight against your enemies. According to Supermassive Games, the haptic technology in these controllers help to “make each weapon feel unique.” You’ll experience wind, sand, and rain hitting your face as you travel down the track. Naturally, the developers made it so “no two runs will be the same” as you go down different tracks. They also said:

” brings you face to face with the most terrifying antagonists from Season One of the Dark Pictures Anthology – from horrific Ghost Ship apparitions in Man of Medan and faceless enemies in Little Hope’s witch trials, to the vampire hordes of House of Ashes and the twisted serial killer in The Devil in Me. As you face off with these enemies and try to survive, spare a thought for our designers who have had to put themselves in these terrifying environments time and time again! Whether it’s designing gruesome traps at the World’s Fair Hotel or creating the stalking, evil Sailor Girl from Man of Medan, even our designers aren’t immune to the scares!”

PSVR2 Launch Titles

Switchback VR Game Image: PlayStation Store

So, it seems that the Switchback VR game will help the PSVR2 to get off to a fantastic start. Currently, it’s priced at $549.99, and there are several other launch titles. These include Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition, and Resident Evil Village. There’s also Demeo, Gran Turismo 7, Vacation Simulator, and plenty of other games. We can’t wait for it to launch!


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