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Surprising Xbox News: There Might Be a Third Console Coming

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BY September 12, 2020
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When Microsoft announced that new consoles were coming, they had three codenames. One name, Anaconda, referred to the Xbox Series X. Lockhart ended up referencing the Series S. A third codename is still yet unrelated to a known project or console. Rumors point to a likely reason for this third name being an entirely separate release from the two consoles revealed this week. In surprising Xbox news, we might be getting the Xbox Series V if leaks prove to be accurate. Here’s what that third console might look like.

Xbox Series V? Surprising Xbox News Revealed in Leaks

xbox series x price Image Credit: Microsoft

Twitter user @IdleSloth84 first revealed the leaked image of a third Xbox console. Put on your skeptical hats, friends, because it’s not a convincing image. That said, the Xbox Series V is a diskless version of the Series X. That means it packs the same power as the top-tier console but runs all-digital. If this ends up being true, then a three-pronged approach to the new console generation could be an advantage Microsoft offers gamers.

Overall, an Xbox Series V would offer an experience to a very niche audience. These players would be the ones who want the top experience possible but don’t really buy physical games. Given Xbox Game Pass’s insane lineup, this might be for the player who predominately uses the service. Whether or not this ends up being factual, however, is yet to be seen. I think the strongest argument for this leak being true is the focus Microsoft will put into Xbox Game Pass. They’ve added EA Play for free and will soon expand their xCloud service as well. None of those services require any sort of disk whatsoever.

When Can We Expect A Formal Announcement (If The Rumors are True)

The history of Halo Image Credit: Microsoft

Honestly, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Xbox Series V held until the next Xbox event. This would be a huge surprise with which to end a presentation. Mention some great games, talk about the possibilities of Xbox in the next-gen, then reveal the third console. I still don’t know if I buy the Series V as true. That said, digital-only seems to be a future to which we’re heading. I’d love this hybrid S/X experience. I want the best experience possible but don’t really want to shell out $500. If they place this console at $399, then I’m all in on day one. Or, maybe I’ll wait until an opportune time to buy a next-gen console. 

If you want to see a Series V come true, then let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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