Street Fighter 6 Trailer - Official Capcom Announcement Reveal
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Street Fighter 6 Trailer – Official Capcom Announcement Reveal

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BY February 22, 2022

A week ago, a Capcom leak revealed that some games might be coming soon from the historic developer. At least one of those is now confirmed to be true: Street Fighter 6. A countdown on the Capcom website expired today revealing the new game. An official Street Fighter 6 trailer is out now, and the announcement raises questions about whether Xbox or PlayStation might get exclusivity. Capcom is set to give more details about Street Fighter 6 this summer, but the reveal is still great news for fans of the franchise. While we don’t know a ton yet, here’s what we did find out!

Street Fighter 6 Trailer Kicks Off Excitement for Latest Entry in Series

street fighter 6 trailer xbox playstation capcom reveal Image via Capcom

The official website for the game offers very little info as of now. Apart from the Street Fighter 6 trailer released alongside the announcement, we’re told more info is coming this summer. The reveal of Street Fighter 6 might have been spoiled a bit by Capcom leaks, but it was still super exciting to see come true. From first look, we know that a lot of what we can take away from the announcement is based on visuals. For example, the art style is very realistic as opposed to past styles. I like that design, and it even mimics a bit of what we’ve seen from Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

All in all, the real key to the game’s success will be the gameplay. Street Fighter V, released in 2016, featured many issues at launch and undersold expectations. That said, it was a big deal that the game was exclusive. Many are wondering whether or not Street Fighter 6 will be and Xbox or PlayStation exclusive. There was speculation that Sony might try to acquire Capcom as Microsoft continues doing the same to other studios. There’s no news like that yet, but we’ll have to see what happens before the game releases.

With all eyes on Summer 2022, the Street Fighter 6 trailer highlighted the news that more info would come this summer. That means Summer Game Fest and whatever E3 organizes will be likely hosts to the big gameplay reveals. For now, we have no clue when the game will release. We do know, however, that another Capcom fighter collection is coming this June.

Can’t Wait? Capcom Also Announced the Fighting Collection for PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Switch

street fighter 6 trailer xbox playstation capcom reveal Image via Capcom

The Capcom Fighting Collection announcement accompanied the Street Fighter 6 trailer. The pack includes 10 iconic Capcom fighting games. Each game features online play as well as additional features including a gallery of official art, a music player, and more. The game releases on June 24, 2022, for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One.

Overall, the news of a new Street Fighter game might mean more to gamers above 30 then below. The series came to arcades in the late-80s. In fact, the series is one of many franchises celebrating a big 2022 Video Game Anniversary. If you haven’t played these classic fighting games, then I’d highly recommend picking up the collection in June. Likewise, you can find other Street Fighter games on various consoles you might already own!

If you liked what you saw in the Street Fighter 6 trailer, then let us know in the comments. Make sure to watch the entire thing below! As always, thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.

Street Fighter 6 does not yet have a release date but watch Comic Years for the latest news on this and other franchises.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom


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