Street Fighter 6 Gameplay: Game Beta and Live Streaming
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Street Fighter 6 Gameplay: Game Beta and Live Streaming

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BY October 8, 2022

Capcom broadcasted Street Fighter 6 gameplay as a promotional campaign for this new installment; now we have it available.

One of the oldest franchises in the world of video games will soon have a new release. According to projections, Capcom will release the latest Street Fighter in 2023. The game is currently in the testing phase, so it is possible to have it active by that time.

We have good news for you if you can’t wait to play this title or at least see it. Capcom allowed some players to participate in a 2-hour Beta test of the game. Many people enjoyed this test, and now we have some game videos to enjoy.

Street Fighter 6 Gameplay: Game Beta and Streaming

STREET FIGHTER 6 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer @ 4K 60ᶠᵖˢ ✓ - YouTube Image: Capcom

To promote the game, Capcom created a closed beta of its Street Fighter 6. As part of this promotion, there was an event where the company broadcasted live gameplay. Fans registered on Capcom’s website requesting to participate in the event. 

Currently, the registration to test the beta version of Street Fighter 6 gameplay is closed. However, the company does not rule out the possibility of opening new calls. 

You can also watch it online if you were not selected for the test or did not register in time. IGN is preparing a live stream of Capcom’s test of the Street Fighter game. In this case, it will be available for everyone, and several channels and media are already prepared for it.

Among the channels that IGN uses, we have its web portal, where the live broadcast will be available. You can also watch it from their Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Twitter account. In addition, you have the options of their applications, both for Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Pluton TV, and Plex TV live.

The test, as well as the broadcast, lasted approximately 2 hours. In it, we were able to see the new gameplay, new moves, and new characters. This broadcast would be the second sample they give us of the game, considering that the Street Fighter 6 trailer was released recently. 

What we Know About the Game so Far

The game’s developer, Capcom, is also organizing the events for its testing and promotions. As for the gameplay, two players can play simultaneously, fighting with the characters. The trailer shows a lot of new moves, both attacks, and counterattacks.

The game will be available for several devices, including PC, PS5, and Xbox. For all of them, it will be available on the release date, which will be in 2023, although Capcom did not reveal the exact date yet. We already know that it will be possible to play online from platforms such as Steam and to acquire it through the virtual stores of the mentioned consoles.

Among the known Street Fighter 6 characters, we can see in the trailer Ryu, who looks a little more robust and old. We also see his faithful friend Ken, Commander Gail, Chu li, and Byson. We also have some not so well known, as is the case of Jaime, Kymberli, and Jobi, although it is likely to include more new players.

As for the gameplay has excellent mobility, also new super and effects when you perform them. They also include effects in what they call the “Counter Punishers,” but only when you manage to hit it. As for the resolution, the game can be played in high definition, including 4K.

For now, we have this closed test and the trailer as a sample of the game by Capcom. We will likely see other additional tests or videos showing new features and corrections made after this first approach.

Are you looking forward to playing Street Fighter 6? We’ll read you in the comments.

Featured Image Via Capcom




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