Star Wars Squadrons Game Pass - New Batch of Games Incoming!
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Star Wars Squadrons And More Heading To Game Pass

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BY March 3, 2021

Xbox Game Pass is off to a somewhat weak start to 2021. If you’re keeping up with the additions, then you’d probably agree. The games arriving to the subscription service as of late are good, but not great. Furthermore, some big games are leaving the service this month. The good news? Star Wars Squadrons and more are heading to Game Pass in a fairly stacked batch of mid-March additions. Here are all the games announced today that will soon be on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC players.

Star Wars Squadrons and More – The Latest Additions to Xbox Game Pass

Star Wars: Squadrons short movie dogfight. Star Wars Squadrons Game Pass Image via Screen Grab.

After a lackluster batch of new titles Xbox Game Pass for February, this next set might even be more divisive. Many of the games announced on Xbox Wire today are sports titles. If you’re a fan of sports games like I am, then this is good news. On the other hand, non-sports fans might be shrugging and rolling their eyes. Luckily, the lead game coming to the Game Pass library this month might find more favor with a larger audience.

Star Wars Squadrons is coming to Game Pass by way of EA Play and the partnership that kicked off late last year. If you haven’t checked out Squadrons yet, I’d highly recommend at least giving it a try. A little help with loadouts might make the experience better. Here’s a reminder of the tips and tricks articles I put together at the game’s launch:

Plus, there was a new batch of content uploaded recently, including some fun items celebrating The Mandalorian.

Let’s Play Sports Ball

nba 2k21 demo reactions Star Wars Squadrons Game Pass and more Image Credit: 2K

The other major additions to Xbox Game Pass this latest drop are all sports titles. One game making the cut is the latest entry in my favorite sports series of all time, NBA 2K21. Across both the Switch version and the Xbox version, I think my playtime is around 350 hours on the new game. Seems insane, right? The depth of the game is fairly engaging if you like basketball. The online community is hard to get into as a newcomer, but with a lot of Game Pass players checking it out at the same time, you won’t be alone. Play the best basketball video game starting March 4th.

Other additions in the sports video game world include Madden 21, which is available today thanks to EA Play. NHL 21 is also coming to Game Pass, and the Xbox Wire team is listing the date as “sometime in April.” Keep yourself busy with Madden for the time being, or check out the other “football” game joining Game Pass. Football Manager 2021 is arriving on March 4 for console and PC. For our American readers, The title refers to traditional football, meaning soccer.

Anything in this batch of games pique your interest? If so, then let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture!

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