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Splatoon 3 Release Date Has Been Revealed By Nintendo

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BY April 22, 2022

Splatoon 3 release date is on September which has been announced.

Nintendo has finally revealed the release date of the latest installment in the paint-splattering franchise. Splatoon 3 Release Date will be available in just a few months, on September 9th. You can also check out the brand new trailer below, which features all-new Turf War gameplay.

This new footage looks just like the Splatoon we have come to love and enjoy over the past few years. Inklings are again seen fighting in an arena fight to see who controls the most territory after the match timer ends. Paint warfare, if you are new to Splatoon is the name of this game. The winner of the Turf War game with the most territory takes the crown.

Splatoon 3 Release Date will be moving forward in time slightly

We first saw footage from the sequel in 2021. It featured a topped Eiffel tower with desolate landscapes that our protagonist agent could explore. Things seem to have changed slightly since Splatoon 2.

It seems that this delay is a minor one for Splatoon 3! Nintendo had previously announced the Splatoon 3 Release Date in the summer of 2022, presumably indicating that the sequel will launch in either June, July, or August.

It seems that Nintendo’s sequel shooter has fallen a bit short of its original target with a September release date.

Nintendo also announced that Nintendo Switch Online+ Expansion Pack members will now be able to access the Splatoon 2 Octo downloadable content, unlocking 80 new missions.



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