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Skate 3 Retro Review – Should You Play This Before Skate 4?

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BY May 7, 2021

When EA Access launched on the Xbox One, I remember loving the concept. Essentially, you get to play any games in the library you want for a monthly fee. At $30 a year, it’s a total steal. One game that was on the list that sold me was Skate 3. With all this talk about a new Skate game coming, I figured now would be a killer time to write up a Skate 3 retro review. From realistic controls to amazing story progression, Skate 3 is a wonderful reminder of all the potential this series has moving forward. 

Skate 3 Retro Review – Does It Still Stand Up Today?

skate 3 retro review Image Credit: EA

Let’s face it; Skate 3 came out a long time ago. One thing I fear when I think of games I loved in the past is playing something again only to ruin my memory of it. Nostalgia is a wild concept and one that can very well ruin games you remember fondly. So, how does a 10-year-old game about skateboarding stand up in 2020? Surprisingly well. The feel of this game is very much from the Xbox 360/PS3-era. A lack of precision in the control is obvious when doing flip tricks with the right analog. Plus, you can tell the environments just don’t respond as accurately to your character as a game in this console generation. Still, it’s a wild amount of fun. Plus, it’s a great reminder of what the Skate 4 reveal could mean for next-gen consoles.

Going back to play Skate 3 is like riding a bike; don’t worry, the irony isn’t lost on me in that metaphor. Really, the controls are superb. We might have more accurate response inputs today, but the game is still a blast to handle. One thing I think a lot of people forget is how staggering this game was in 2007 when its original title launched. We skateboarding game fans were used to one thing: Tony Hawk Pro Skater. The realism of Skate was almost a little less fun than being able to effortlessly pull off unrealistic tricks in THPS. Then, you get a feel for Skate and all has to offer. The first two games were good, but Skate 3 is great.

Should You Play Skate 3 Again Before Skate 4?

skate 3 retro review Image Credit: EA

With the Skate 4 news literally breaking the gaming world, it’s time to consider replaying Skate 3. I have two thoughts on this that might help you decide if you should replay the game. Firstly, if you missed out on this title, I’d highly recommend watching some YouTube videos first. Not that you won’t be able to pick it up and play. It’s just that the game is fairly old. If you watch clips and immediately dislike the dated graphics and story mode, then just hold out for Skate 4

My second thought on replaying the game is for those who have nostalgia for the series. If you did play Skate 3, then by all means replay it before Skate 4. Just remember: we might not get Skate 4 for a few years still. It’s worth mentioning that many are suggesting the release of the new game could be as late as 2023. So, if you want to time it out a bit better, then just wait for a while longer. In the worst case, you could replay the Tony Hawk remasters this fall and then ease your way into Skate 3 when we have a better idea of a new release date. 

Skate 3 Retro Review Score

skate 3 retro review Image Credit: EA

I rate my games on a scale of 1-10. Skate 3 is a solid 7. The game is a bit rougher around the edges in 2020. Hey, 10 years old is a hell of an age for a game to undergo a review! For it to still feel so inventive and fresh despite how it looks is impressive. With a bit of an upscale on the Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility, the game is just as playable today. You might not love the lack of response in the flip tricks from time to time. Plus, it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as some titles released in 2015 let alone today. Nevertheless, if you nearly cried at the announcement of Skate 4, then replaying Skate 3 is a great way to kill time until the new title. 

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