New Pokémon Snap Outsold Its Predecessor In A Big Way
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Sales Numbers For New Pokémon Snap Off To A Picture-Perfect Start

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BY May 5, 2021

It’s not necessarily surprising that the latest Pokémon game is doing well in sales. In its first weekend, New Pokémon Snap outsold its predecessor in a big way. To be fair, the predecessor was released decades ago. It’s not that the original game wasn’t successful or home on a popular console. The real journey the series took over the past 21 years is one of titanic growth in both popularity and scope. When it comes to pitching a photography game, I don’t know many fan bases that’d say “bring it on.” Then again, the Pokémon fan base is unique to gaming and popular media. The surprisingly high sales numbers for New Pokémon Snap prove that the game’s niche approach to this familiar series is enough to draw eyes. Here’s the full rundown of its early success in the opening weekend. 

Sales Numbers for New Pokémon Snap Start Four Times Stronger than Predecessor

sales numbers for new pokémon snap Image Credit: Nintendo

Only two games launched more successfully for Nintendo. Any guesses? Well, one is the Wii U port/expansion of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. The other was the surprisingly huge Monster Hunter Rise debut that should continue to sell well through spring. Coming in third is no small feat, however, especially considering how well the game did when compared to the original. New Pokémon Snap even outsold PS5 exclusive (and gorgeous, gorgeous roguelike) Reternal, according to Game Industry Biz. It’s worth noting that these sales numbers reflect the U.K., not global or U.S. sales.

The sales numbers for New Pokémon Snap put it at four times higher than the original release. That’s huge for a game many worried might be a nostalgic novelty. I haven’t checked out the game quite yet, but it looks to fit a few basic needs for the Pokémon fandom. Firstly, it lets you immerse yourself in the world in a new and inventive way. Secondly, you can take cute snapshots of your favorite characters. Lastly, and most importantly, the scoring system in the game drives a competitive wedge between you and putting the game down. You want to take “one more run” at a better score only to find that hours passed. It’s a tale as old as time.

Nintendo’s second-half lineup for the year features a lot of question marks. Will we see a new Breath of the Wild 2 release date? Honestly, my sights are set on Mario Golf Super Rush, and then it might be backlog time. Hopefully, that means I’ll take time to check out this release. 

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo


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