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RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC Is Finally Here!

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BY April 7, 2023

One of the most famous game modes of Resident Evil is back. RE4 Remake’s Mercenaries DLC is here. And, it’s surprised several people. A fan-favorite, HUNK, is back. Yet, others are missing, like Albert Wesker. So, what happened?

Mercenaries is a great addition if you want another challenge after Mad Chainsaw. It was conspicuously missing from the RE4 Remake showcase. Thankfully, Capcom added it today as a free DLC. So, it’s a great addition to Dying Light 2’s upcoming content. Needless to say, zombie slayers might be in for a great year.

So, what are we getting with this DLC? You can see a full breakdown below:

With that out of the way, let’s break it down.

The roster for the new Mercenaries mode in RE4 Remake

RE4 remake mercenaries characters Everything looks good… except for a couple of missing pieces.

The roster for RE4 Remake Mercenaries brings back fan favorites. Plus, it adds a new character: Luis. I found it weird that he wasn’t in the original version. Ada and Krauser were crucial characters, like Luis. Yet, he was the only one left out.

Allow me to break down the characters below. You can also read a full guide and breakdown here.

Firstly, we have Leon. He’s roughly the same as his original counterpart. You get his gun with a laser sight, shotgun, and sniper rifle. He’s the most balanced character in all situations. And, he gets an update with the Mayhem Mode, Bullet Rush. It boosts his damage and speed.

Then, we have Krauser. He brings back his compound bow from the original game. But, he also gets a TMP SMG for more versatility. His Mayhem Mode is his mutated arm, unlocking new melee attacks.

HUNK comes with his signature, and overpowered, Neck Snap. His loadout is the same, but with a new SMG. His Mayhem Mode gives him infinite ammo.

Finally, we have Luis. He comes with a Red9 and a sniper rifle. He’s fairly straightforward, except for his Mayhem Mode. His Dynamite ability gives him free dynamite sticks and invulnerability to them.

The levels available in RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC

re4 remake mercenaries dlc levels Again, they look good and all… but one thing’s missing.

Most of the maps are coming back with a few updates. You have the Village, Castle, and Island. Naturally, the maps are quite similar to their original counterparts. That said, they come with the updates from their campaign iterations.

Now, you don’t get all maps unlocked straight away. Players need to progress through the game mode to unlock more content.

You get The Village right off the back. The same goes for Leon’s character. From there, you must complete each map sequentially. Beating The Village unlocks The Castle, and that one unlocks The Island. You don’t need a specific score.

This is similar to unlocking characters. You need to get an A rank or higher with each character to unlock the next. Leon unlocks Luis; Luis unlocks Krauser; and, Krauser unlocks HUNK.

Finally, each level has unique bosses and elite enemies. Don’t worry, Super Salvador is still here.

Fan favorites missing in the Mercenaries game mode for RE4 Remake

As you can see, there are several pieces missing here. I’m talking about Ada Wong, Albert Wesker, and the Water Level. The latter was a special entry in the original game. It was the only map not available in the original campaign.

Luis is a great addition to the game mode. Yet, many fans felt disappointed by Ada and Wesker’s absence. I’m one of those. After all, Wesker was my favorite mercenary in Resident Evil 4.

The Separate Ways DLC is the rumored next entry for the game. So, it would make sense for Ada to come with it. And, since she worked for Wesker, maybe he’ll come back as well. As for the Water Level, that still remains to be seen. 

Let’s just hope the rumors about Separate Ways are right. And, let’s also hope it’s free, like RE4 Remake’s Mercenaries.



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