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Playstation Showcase Reveals New Marvel Games Alongside God of War Ragnarok and a KOTOR Remake Coming Soon

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BY September 13, 2021

Today’s Playstation Showcase revealed many of the upcoming games that will be available for the PS4 and Ps5 between now and 2023. There are a lot of remakes headed our way on Playstation. But there are also some new titles alongside sequels for fan favorites. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the Playstation showcase.

Marvel Games For Every Fan

Playstation Showcase Guardians of the Galaxy Image via Insomnia Games

Marvel fans have plenty to look forward to when it comes to video games. The Playstation showcase revealed three games featuring some of our favorite heroes. Most prominent was the Guardians of the Galaxy game. It’s a space-faring action-adventure romp with plenty of explosions, staying true to the tone of the movies even if the characters look (and sound) quite different. An official synopsis for the Guardians of the Galaxy game tells us the following.

The Playstation Showcase also brought us a teaser for a Spider-Man 2 game. This is a sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man released by Insomnia Games in 2018. The new Spider-Man 2 game draws from the comics rather than the movies. In the trailer there appears we see Peter Parker’s Spider-Man fighting alongside Miles Morales, before turning to face the nemesis of the game: Venom.

Playstation Showcase Wolverine Image via Insomniac Games

There was also a brief tease for an upcoming Wolverine game that is in development. Not much was shown in the teaser, except for a quiet bar piled high with bodies in the aftermath of a fight. One man sits alone at the bar, with blood on his knuckles. As an enemy approaches, we see the iconic claws come out to confirm that this is indeed Wolverine. Herman Hulst – Head of Playstation Studios – says that this game will be “an emotional and suspenseful journey” from Insomnia Games.

Plenty of Remakes Are Coming, But We Only Care About One

Playstation Showcase KOTOR Remake Image via Aspyr Media

There were several remakes and remasters on display during the Playstation Showcase. A remastered version of Alan Wake is coming on October 5, 2021. There are also two remastered Uncharted games coming with Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Both of those games should be coming in early 2022.

However, the highlight of the remakes and remasters is a new version of our favorite Star Wars game: Knights of the Old Republic. This 2003 game was a collaboration between two of the best modern-day game studios: Bioware and Obsidian. It remains one of the most beloved Star Wars games of all time, diving into an era that was previously unexplored and introducing new Sith and Jedi characters and abilities. Now KOTOR is getting a remake for Playstation, that will not only improve graphics but also promises to ‘rebuild the game from the ground up’ while still giving us the familiar characters and story that we know and love.

While we are excited to play Knights of the Old Republic again with improved graphics, we are a bit wary of the fact that this game was remade without any involvement from the original studios. Instead, Sony brought in Aspyr Media, the company behind the Jedi Knight games and Star Wars: Republic Commando. This does not make us hopeful that we will be seeing another KOTOR game anytime soon, but that’s not going to stop us from wishing for it.

A Return To Norse Mythology In God Of War Ragnarok

The biggest reveal of the Playstation Showcase was the trailer for God of War: Ragnarok. This game is a sequel to the wildly popular God of War released in 2018. That title introduced a new era for God of War, taking this bloody action-game franchise into an emotional open-world RPG format. Now God of War: Ragnarok will follow up on the threat of the end of the world. The trailer shows us Kratos and his son Atreus searching for Tyr – the Norse god of war. Together they will team to fight Odin and war with Asgard.

Eric Williams of Santa Monica Studios emphasized how important the family aspect of God of War is to him. “From my point of view, we want to tell a very heartfelt and epic story as father and son are on a journey, and they kinda struggle holding on to stuff and letting go of things,” Williams said. “It’s a very difficult human condition that we all deal with.”  God of War: Ragnarok is due out in 2022.

Bethesda And Arkane Team Up Once More To Bring Us Deathloop

Playstation Showcase Deathloop Image via Bethesda/Arkane

Another highly anticipated title coming to Playstation is Deathloop, the a first-person action game from Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios. In Deathloop, you play as an assassin named Colt Vahn who is stuck in a time loop. Trapped on an island where the party never ends, Colt must eliminate 8 targets before midnight when the loop begins again.

There is plenty of shoot-em-up action in the trailer, but it is made more intriguing by the apparent magical abilities (perhaps they are time-loop abilities). The action is reminiscent of popular Arkane/Bethesda games like Dishonored and Prey. But Bethesda’s touch is clearly evident in the style of the game, as well as the mysterious organization Aeon that has its brand all over the island. It feels a bit like Fallout, but somehow much weirder.

Deathloop is coming to Playstation exclusively in 2022.

Is That A Game Made By Radiohead?

Kid A Mnesia Radiohead Image via Epic Games

While there were some expected reveals during the Playstation Showcase, there were a few titles that threw us for a loop. Namely: Kid A Mnesia: Exhibition developed by the band Radiohead with Epic Games. It is unclear if this is actually a game. Right now it is being marketed as an ‘interactive musical experience’ to celebrate the 20-year re-release of Radiohead’s albums Kid A and Amnesiac that came out in 2000 and 2001 respectively. Kid A Mnesia: Exhibition promises to deliver an “upside-down digital / analogue universe created from original artwork and recordings.”

Tchia Is A Fantastical Adventure Inspired by New Caledonia

Playstation Showcase Tchia Image via Awaceb

There was one indie game in the Playstation Showcase that caught our attention amidst all of the flashy new releases. The vibrant colors and soothing music was a relief after so many games full of doom and gloom. Tchia is a game developed by Awaceb, a small studio based in New Caledonia. The developers drew inspiration from their home for the game. New Caledonia is a small archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It also looks like they are drawing from the indigenous culture and peoples of New Caledonia to inform this open-world fantasy game.

The game itself is reminiscent of Zelda but in a good way. There are musical instruments to learn, gliders that you can soar over open water, and the cel-shaded art style looks a bit like Windwaker. However, Tchia has plenty of unique aspects that makes her stand out from the pack, including an ability to ‘soul-jump’ into various objects and animals. We can’t wait to check out Tchia and explore New Caledonia when the game comes out in 2022.

What other titles are you looking forward to from the Playstation Showcase? Let us know in the comments and join the conversation with Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today!


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