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Bayonetta Origins Trailer Finally Released!

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BY December 9, 2022

It’s been a tough start to the month for Nintendo fans. The Smash World Tour got canceled for seemingly unknown reasons. Others were distraught after Bayonetta 3’s voice actress change. But, the new Bayonetta Origins trailer could bring a breath of relief.

Bayonetta 3 was a great entry for the series. But, Cereza and the Lost Demon promises a unique take on the universe. It’s more of an adventure game than the action-packed first titles. But, it still preserves Bayonetta’s character and fast-paced combos.

This time, players will embody Bayonetta during her early years. That’s way before becoming Bayonetta, when she was still just Cereza. The game definitely appears a bit more childish than the main releases.

Yet, it’s a crucial bit of story for fans of the game.

Plus, that’s not everything. You might be itching to try the game after watching the trailer. Well, you can actually do that right now. Bayonetta 3 has a hidden level where you can play a teaser.

So, what’s the game about? And, how can you try it out?

The Announcement Trailer for Cereza and the Lost Demon

The trailer was released during Thursday’s Game Awards. It opens with different scenes with Bayonetta as we know her. Quickly, it starts flipping pages backward, as if going back in time. That’s where the real trailer begins.

The trailer does state that it has no actual gameplay footage. Still, it showcases what we can expect from the game.

The first thing we see from Cereza and the Lost Demon is the new art direction. It’s a lot more cartoonish than previous games. It reminds me a little of the latest Zelda games. The world is also more fantastic, with mysterious woods and rivers.

This prequel also appears to focus more on platforming. We can see Cereza walk and jump through different platforms. She also walks on suspended ropes. Thus, platforming will likely play a larger part.

That said, combat is still a large part of the game. But, there’s definitely less shooting. Instead, we can see Cereza summoning a monster from what looks like a doll. Apparently, it’ll fight for her.

What will Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon be about?

As for the plot, we only know two things. Firstly, it’ll take us through Bayonetta’s origins and how she became a witch. To complement that, the story focuses on Cereza saving her mother.

The first visual sentence talks about entering a forbidden forest to save her mother. There, she meets an infernal demon. That might reference her fighting companion or a white wolf she must follow. I’m not 100% clear on that yet. But, my bets are on her buddy.

The trailer also has Bayonetta and (who I guess is) her mother narrating.

The end of the trailer reveals the most direct picture of the game’s plot. First, Cereza states she’ll become a witch and needs to be strong. Then, a female voice tells her she’ll give her the power to save her mother.

So, we’ll probably see Cereza turn into Bayonetta to save her mother. At least, that’s the best theory for Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

A playable teaser hidden all along in Bayonetta 3

OK, so, the trailer got you excited. Now, how can you check out how the game will feel? Luckily, the video above will show you how to do it. Also, it shows the hidden level’s gameplay. You don’t have to go through the process if you don’t have to.

Essentially, players need to get the Old Picture Book at The Gates of Hell. The next step is the real quest. You need to find three keys hidden on different levels.

The first key is in Chapter 1-2. You can find it in the crystal caves, next to a series of short platforms. You’ll have to glide to it. The second key is in Chapter 4-1, in The Chaotic Rift. In a similar crystal cave, you’ll find the key at the top of the first mountain. The last key is in Chapter 13-2. It’s floating above a precipice, so keep an eye out.

Then, you can use these keys to open the book. Doing so teleports you to a new level. Naturally, it’s quite short. But, it’s a great way to peek into the prequel’s world. You also get a few voice lines that hint at the game’s mechanics.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo of America.



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