New Pokemon Snap - Switch Reveal for Nintendo 64 Classic Game
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New Pokemon Snap Revealed for Nintendo Switch

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BY June 17, 2020

One thing that I loved about the Nintendo 64 era was the creative takes on popular IPs. I mean, what other system took its most popular characters and literally let them fight it out? From Super Smash Brosand Paper Mario, the Mushroom Kingdom characters had a lot of adventures. Pokemon wasn’t left out of the fun either. Pokemon Stadium took the popular RPG and made it a realistic action game. Likewise, players explored the world of Pokemon behind a camera in a cult favorite. That game, Pokemon Snap, is now returning for another adventure on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s everything we got to see in the new Pokemon Snap trailer.

New Trailer for Pokemon Snap Reveals Tons of Adventures

pokemon snap Image Credit: Nintendo/ The Pokemon Company

Every year that Nintendo rolls out its schedule, one title always made the wishlist. Pokemon Snap was a first-person game in which you’d photograph Pokemon. The game launched in 1999, first in March for Japan and June for North America. Originally, the release aimed to be a Nintendo 64DD title. Instead, the delay of the 64DD pushed it to the OG 64. From the viewpoint of Todd Snap, you move on a rail and photograph Pokemon. You can even use items like apples or other attraction objects to get great shots. For a spin-off title, Nintendo pushed it very hard. The game was featured in over 86,000 hotels and ended up selling 1.5 million copies in its first year. Now, we get to experience it all over again in a new adventure.

Island Living Captured on Film

pokemon snap Image Credit: Nintendo/ The Pokemon Company

The trailer for Pokemon Snap is very tropical. The footage takes you through an island on which Pokemon live. We see water-types swimming, Pikachu eating an apple, and other favorites. A cool feature shown is the different times of day as well. We get shots of the night hours as well as dusk with a beautiful sunset. In a sort of safari-style hover ship, a virtual track shows your trajectory through the island. It’s likely here that players will travel as they snap pictures. There seem to be a wide variety of interactions to capture as well. I mean, a Squirtle is literally riding a Lapras at one point. Sign me up one million times for that.

In a funnier moment, we even see a Pidgeot swipe a Magikarp from the ocean. RIP, little guy. The variety of interactions and moments in the trailer alone are exciting. The game, seemingly titled New Pokemon Snap, offers no release date, but we hope to see it soon.

If you’re excited about the new Pokemon Snap game for Nintendo Switch, then let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company


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