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New DualShock Controller Revealed in Patent

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BY April 29, 2020

The PS5 is a little under a year away. We know a little less about the new PlayStation than we do the Xbox Series X, but we’re slowly getting more information. A little hint towards the future of Sony’s flagship console is now known via patent filing. The beloved PlayStation controller is getting some tweaks according to the new DualShock controller revealed in a released patent.

New DualShock Controller Revealed – What We Know

new dualshock controller patent Image Credit: Sony

Last October, I attempted the impossible. Okay, maybe not the impossible, but any sort of “best of” list is always going to be contentious. In my ranking of the best gaming controllers of all time, the DualShock controller came out on top. It’s not even close; the PlayStation controller has been the premier design of consoles since the PS1. The trick to the console and controller’s success has been in not making sweeping changes to a good thing. With a simple design, the DualShock is among some of the most responsive controllers ever. Now, we’re getting a few new additions to its design via the World Intellectual Property Organization’s recent filing.

You’ll find a lot of returning features to the new controller. For example, few changes to the controller’s D-Pad and analog sticks are visible. Likewise, there are no changes to any face buttons. The feel of the controller might be different, but we won’t know until we get our hands on it. The patent does reveal a few changes worth noting, however.

New Features to the DualShock 5 (Name Pending)

Two back buttons on the rear of the controller’s body catch the eye immediately. According to the patent, the buttons are programable. Essentially, this gives players the ability to assign buttons to the triggers. This could be an attempt to assist in accessibility, or just give the option to players to customize their gaming experience. I’m already picturing the perk of butting the fire button in a first-person shooter on the back for reaction time benefits.

new dualshock controller patent Image Credit: Sony

Another likely addition is the move to a USB-C port for charging. Most controllers and electronic devices are likely moving this direction. It’s the premier form of USB ports and cords at the moment for speed and versatility. The Switch, for example, is already using the USB-C format for charging the game’s tablet screen.

Back Button Attachment Still Coming for DualShock 4

Awhile back, Sony announced that an attachment for the DualShock 4 would hit shelves. The peripheral is still on the way, so if the idea of back buttons has you excited, you can attach them to your current controller. The attachment3. also features an OLED screen and 3.5mm headset port. The move to add back buttons follows the Xbox Elite Controller, which featured back buttons in its first iteration. The new Series 2 version also has back buttons.

Do you plan on picking up the PS5? If so, what part of the DualShock controller is your favorite? Does it make your list of best controllers ever? We want to hear from you! Let us now what’s on your mind in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Sony


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