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We Finally Have A Teaser For A New Dragon Age Game From BioWare and EA Games

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BY December 14, 2020

After years of waiting, BioWare finally delivered a glimpse of the next Dragon Age game at the 2020 Game Awards. There has been concept art for the next Dragon Age floating around for awhile, but the lack of real news has been a running joke in the gaming community. Given how Dragon Age: Inquisition ended, fans have pretty solid suspicions about what to expect from the new installment. Well, the teaser confirmed some of those theories by acknowledging that the Dread Wolf will return. But an entirely new hero will have to face him, alongside the usual menace of darkspawn; demons, red lyrium, tricky witches, and other angry gods. Don’t forget the dragons. Let’s take a look at what the teaser for the new Dragon Age game had in store for us.

A New And Unexpected Hero Rises In The New Dragon Age Game

The teaser gives us a voiceover from a familiar character who has appeared in every Dragon Age game so far. Varric is the reliable crossbow-slinging dwarf who likes to follow heroes around Thedas and write about their adventures. In the video, he speaks directly to the player who will become the next hero. He implies that this new protagonist is more ordinary than some of the previous. “No magic hand, no ancient prophecy. The kind of person they’ll never see coming.”

Snippets of a new character are interspersed as Varric speaks. Someone in a dark cloak, lounging on a ledge drinking out of a fancy goblet. Then what appears to be the same figure wielding a knife. The contrast with the voiceover would imply that this is the new protagonist. I am curious about the depiction of this character that looks like they jumped out of an Assassin’s Creed game and into Dragon Age. Is it possible that this game might be geared towards rogue players? Will this be the first Dragon Age game to introduce stealth mechanics? Or have I just been playing too much Valhalla?

New Dragon Age Game Image via BioWare

The game developers have spoken a bit previously about how the next Dragon Age game will be about the people who are “powerless” people of Thedas. And what they do when the people in power aren’t doing anything to fix the world’s problems. This is certainly a departure from previous entries where you were the most powerful person in the entire world each time. (Well, except for Hawke. Hawke was just trying to live their damn life, but still became a pretty prominent player in the world.)

Also, this is wild speculation but I feel like it is possible that the next protagonist could be a dwarf. It would certainly change up the system if Dragon Age didn’t allow you to choose your own race, but it might be vital to the storyline. The dwarf race in Dragon Age cannot use magic like elves and humans can. So they would be the perfect candidates for a hero that the gods will never see coming. And with all of the plot threads involving the Deep Roads and Red Lyrium, a dwarven hero might just be what Thedas needs.

The Dread Wolf Returns

Solas Dragon Age Image via BioWare

The teaser ends with a shot of The Dread Wolf, aka Fen’harel or Solas – your elf companion from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Solas’s true identity was a big mystery in Inqusition. But if you wanted to really delve into his story you had to play the final DLC for the last game. That DLC – Trespasser – definitely set up a lot of story elements for the new Dragon Age game. Not only did it set up Solas as a surprise villain, it also gave us a lot of information about the Eluvians, the Veil, and the Deep Roads. There was also a lot of lore contained in this DLC that will be important in the next Dragon Age installment.

Dragon Age Image via BioWare

Will Solas be the big bad in the new Dragon Age game? And what will the subtitle for the next Dragon Age game be? Many people have speculated that it will be The Dread Wolf Rises due to the focus on Fen’harel and the ancient elven gods. We still don’t know for sure however, and of course we still don’t have a release date for the new Dragon Age game either. But we will keep you up to date as we learn more.

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