Winter Olympics Video Game Hustles NFT Rewards To Get Your Money
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Winter Olympics Video Game Hustles NFT Rewards To Get Your Physical Money

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BY April 29, 2022

NFTs aren’t going anywhere. No matter how much we complain and critique them, they’re here to stay for now. In fact, it’s impossible to read headlines day-to-day without NFT news. Even a global sporting event like the Olympics isn’t off-limits. A new 2022 Winter Olympics video game seems like a typical mobile release but is actually offering players NFTs ripe with microtransactions. While microtransactions aren’t new to mobile gaming, there is a controversy surrounding the game’s developer. For more on NFTs, winter sports, and Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022, let’s discuss the release.

NFT Infiltrates the Official Winter Olympics Video Game for Mobile Devices

winter olympics video game mobile nft Image via nWay

We published a Gaming NFT News roundup last week, but the news just keeps coming. Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022 is a mobile game for the global sporting event. It’s also offering players a number of minigames to play and enjoy. While these sorts of games aren’t uncommon for the Olympics, this year’s entry is a little unique.

As players play and progress with new daily challenges, they can earn nWay Olympic NFT digital pins. nWay, a gaming developer, is best known for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. The developer is selling the pins on their NFT marketplace. In fact, if you own a 2022 Winter Olympics NFT, then you can actually earn power-ups in the video game for mobile devices. In short, the NFTs are a play-to-win mechanic for the mobile experience. As you Snowboard Cross, Ski Cross, Skeleton, Slopestyle, and Slalom, you can also get in on the grift of non-fungible tokens. That’s the Olympic spirit!

The nWayPlay website is where you can also sell these NFTs to others. If you spend money on more pins, then you’ll do better in the minigames. Play-to-win mechanics aren’t illegal, but they’re no fun either.

A Model for NFTs in Video Games?

winter olympics video game mobile nft Image via nWay

The play-to-win approach of this Winter Olympics mobile video game show what NFTs could become. If you’re someone who wants to spend their way to the top of the leaderboards, then I guess this is for you. That said, it seems ironic that the Olympics are all about sportsmanship and respect for world-class athletes. NFTs, on the other hand, say that the biggest spender should get the spoils.

When we think about the future of NFTs in video games, it’s not all a play-to-win approach. Many supporters of the NFT movement argue that cosmetics in games that you purchase could actually be your property with NFT systems. Unfortunately, those blockchains used to host NFTs are also terrible energy vacuums that have a negative impact on the environment.

It’s not impossible to enjoy Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022 without engaging with the NFT system. That said, one of the most vulnerable groups of gamers to these sorts of schemes, children, might not understand the predatory nature of this game mechanic. That’s on parents to monitor and manage – not us. Still, it’s frustrating to know that this is a trend we’re likely to see more of in the future. Strap in, folks – the NFT sun is still rising and doesn’t seem ready to set anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit: nWay


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