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Apex Legends Mobile Global Launch – Is It Any Good?

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BY December 14, 2022

At last, the wait is over and the Apex Legends Mobile release date is finally here. The acclaimed PC and console title has been loved by fans worldwide. Apex has managed to hold on to its title for more than 3 years, and it doesn’t seem to be letting go of it anytime soon. Not only has Apex ruled the realm of PC and consoles, but now it’s here to conquer the mobile market.

The only serious competition is from Call of Duty: Mobile and that game went stale a long time ago. The other BR games like BGMI and Freefire aren’t even in the race because Apex targets a different segment. All mobile gamers were eagerly waiting for Apex Legends Mobile’s release date to arrive, but has it lived up to the hype? Apex Legends is definitely a title meant for hardcore gamers, but is it any good?

In this article, we’re going to see if you should download Apex Legends Mobile or not. Why waste your time sampling a game when you have people like us to do that, for free? So sit back and relax while we dissect each aspect of Apex mobile.

What’s New in Apex Legends Mobile?

For long-time Apex fans who have been playing the game on PC or any console, the changes will be apparent. There are a few things that the mobile version has but its predecessors still don’t. For instance, players have been asking for a more customizable Firing Range experience, but Respawn ignores it every season. The mobile version, on the other hand, has all sorts of new functionalities from the start.

This is good news since Apex Legends Mobile won’t become just a clone or poor port of a great game. The changes in the mobile version give it character and make it feel like a very different game. The maps might be the same, but the gameplay sure isn’t.

The mobile version also gets a brand new legend “Fade” who’s not playable in other versions. This legend has an entirely new kit designed for him. This shows that Apex Legends Mobile is a serious endeavor by Respawn Entertainment rather than a cash-grab. There’s also a new game mode called TDM (Team Death Match) in the mobile version that PC players haven’t gotten yet.

What makes Apex Special?

You might feel like Apex is just another entry into the world of mobile shooters. Once you download Apex Legends Mobile and spend some time playing it and understanding it, then you’ll realize it’s a very complex game. It has a lot of techniques and mechanics that other mobile shooters don’t. Apex Legends shook the gaming world with its unique movement mechanics and funky action, the same will happen on mobile as well.

Apex has various legends on its roster. These legends are characters with their own special abilities and playing styles. Each legend can be used in various ways and this makes them an important part of the game. Currently, Apex Legends Mobile has 10 legends while the PC version has 18 legends. Learning how to play with all these 10 legends is necessary if players want to understand how the enemy might use their abilities.

Unlike other games, Apex forces players to stay on their toes. You have to be on the alert as good teams can easily ambush you at any time with their advanced movement. On the other hand, you have to learn how to run, jump, slide, zipline, and superglide as well. Learning this game takes time but it’s a very rewarding experience.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a new game to obsess with and spend all your money on, download Apex Legends Mobile right now! While many other shooters are floating around the internet, there’s nothing quite like the charm of Apex. The colorful visuals, the unique character design, the deep lore, and the smooth gameplay – all make this game at least worth trying out.


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