Minecraft Sales and Player Count Aren't Slowing Down
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Minecraft Sales and Player Count Aren’t Slowing Down

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BY May 18, 2020

Before shelves in toy sections filled with Fortnite merch, another title reigned supreme. I’ll be honest, the Minecraft redemption arc is one of my favorite things in the gaming world. Everyone knew it was popular from the get-go, but now, it’s a phenomenon. Most people in the early 2010s shrugged it off as a kids’ game. The subpar graphics and simplicity to the gameplay turned a lot of people off…and then they played it. It’s a phenomenal experience no matter how long you’ve been mining and crafting your way through this world. I sort of thought Minecraft sales and player count might still be strong but weakening. Boy, was I wrong.

Latest Minecraft Sales and Player Count Going Strong

minecraft sales and player count Image Credit: Mojang/Microsoft

Like a lot of companies who make something bigger than they ever imagined, Mojang couldn’t possibly believe these numbers when Minecraft launched in 2009. Now, under Microsoft’s acquisition, the game is stronger than ever. You can play Minecraft on any console from the past 11 years, which is wild. That’s not including PC, where the players are still mining their way through elaborate servers and crazy creations you wouldn’t believe. Plus, Minecraft is also now also officially over the 200 million units sold mark. With or without quarantine, this milestone was coming. Still, 11 years later, the game is wildly popular and shows no signs of stopping.

minecraft sales and player count Image Credit: Mojang/Microsoft

Another interesting piece of evidence to the game’s popularity is who is still logging on. Minecraft sales are one thing, but a player count of 126 million a month is outrageous. Microsoft essentially picked up the game at the right time and now gets to bask in its glory. We know that profits from microtransactions are a huge part of the industry now too. With a lot of great skins and add-ons available, the DLC market for Minecraft is one of the most rewarding for players.

The Joy of Minecraft

minecraft sales and player count Image Credit: Mojang/Microsoft

You know that warm feeling you get when you watch Bob Ross or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood? That’s literally the experience and sensation of playing Minecraft. The best way to get new players invested in the experience is to place them in the creative mode. You have an entire island to yourself, and you have one job: make things. The same joy players get from Animal Crossing is here, but without the distractions of money, terraforming, and talking to neighbors. Survival mode gives you the threat of spiders, crawlers, and other enemies. Either way, the peaceful soundtrack and ambient color scheme to the game’s base skin is a go-to when I’m having a stressful or anxious day.

I’m not alone in this either. Studies show that Minecraft is great for relieving stress and even teaching kids social skills. There are several things you can knock about the title as well; I don’t think it’s for everyone. Still, you can’t deny the numbers or the fact that over a decade later, Minecraft is still an industry titan.

Do you still play Minecraft at all? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture!


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