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Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Confirmed

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BY July 31, 2020
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When Microsoft first announced Microsoft Flight Simulator’s return, VR entered the proverbial chat immediately. For the most part, Flight Simulator is a game that really embodies all that flying an aircraft involves. Other than hopping in an actual plane, this is as close as most of us will get to becoming a pilot. So close, in fact, that Microsoft Flight Simulator trains student pilots before their actual time in the cockpit. With a new game on the way and some incredible trailer footage, no mention of VR returned to the discourse. That is until Microsoft confirmed the Microsoft Flight Simulator VR capabilities will come to the game later this year.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR is a Game-Changer

microsoft flight simulator VR Image Credit: Microsoft

It’s unreal how great footage of this game looks. The game’s photorealism is likely going to be a huge selling point of the title. Overall simulator games are growing in popularity. If you would have told me people would love playing train sims five years ago, then I would have laughed at you. Now, even I’m dipping my toes into the water of the likes of Farming Simulator, Surgeon Simulator, and yes, Train Simulator.

Why? Simply put, these are detailed games with very little stress or thought involved. Once you get rolling, you can sort of wind down with these tasks you might not otherwise get to experience in life. It’s a wonderful gaming sensation to see something so real play out before you. Microsoft Flight Simulator VR is going to be the cream of the crop for this genre. The history of the game is a bit muddy in terms of consistency, but now it’s seen as a revolutionary way to experience the world.  The game is already drawing a ton of interest from fans and critics, but now, VR is going to make this the most realistic flying experience ever.

Steam Support and More Info on the Game

Image Credit: Microsoft

In the blog announcing VR support, Xbox also mentioned a few other key details about the title. The game will be coming to Steam on August 18. Additionally, DLC will release periodically adding data that makes up the world to enhance graphics and accuracy. There is currently no announcement on an Xbox One version of the game, although reports indicate that may occur as well. Likely, I think the Xbox Series X gets some version of this game. It’s a powerful title, so the Xbox One might not have the necessary specs to run it efficiently.

Are you excited to try this new title, especially with Microsoft Flight Simulator VR confirmed? If so, then let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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