Mass Effect Legendary Edition Player Choices According To The Devs
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Mass Effect Player Choices Change in Legendary Edition Playthroughs

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BY April 25, 2022

If you hopped back into Mass Effect Legendary Edition this year, then you had choices to make. Veterans of the series know how detailed the decision-making is in this iconic series. Playing the new look of the games allowed many of us to try new paths and approaches. For newcomers, the wide array of options at your disposal probably overwhelmed and stressed you out more than most games. That said, Mass Effect Legendary Edition player choices released by BioWare and EA look to be a little different than the last time around. Here’s what they shared with fans on social media.

The Top Mass Effect Legendary Edition Player Choices According to the Devs

Mass Effect Legendary Collection Player Choices Image Credit: BioWare & EA

In a cool infographic on Twitter, the team behind the Mass Effect Legendary Edition shared how player choices changed this time around overall. Like the original trilogy’s results, most players still play as Male Sheppard. Likewise, a lot of people continue to prioritize saving fan favorite characters like Wrex. Some notable differences I caught included treatment of the press in the game. As a loyal paragon, I’m appalled that nearly 70% of players threw hands at Khalisah al-Jilani.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Player Choices Infographic via BioWare Image via Twitter

Here’s the thing: the beauty of Mass Effect is that you create your own experiences. I’m still playing this game even months after its release to try and complete everything. Romances are the obvious fan-favorite, which is why I’m not surprised to see characters like Garrus and Ashley saved the most often through runs. I’d highly recommend checking out the infographic.

In my Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review, I mentioned a divide between wanting to relive my original experience and shaking things up. It looks like most players tried to do things a little differently, although some outdated constraints still persist. For example, our managing editor argued (and I agree) that No New Same-Sex Romance Options In Mass Effect Legendary Edition Is A Mistake. All in all, even our favorite franchises can’t nail everything. Here’s hoping that the New Mass Effect Game adopts some of these fan-requested changes and updates.

How did you progress through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition player choices? Let us know about your toughest decisions in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: BioWare & EA


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