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Mass Effect Free DLC – Dragon Age As Well!

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BY November 30, 2022

EA is releasing both Dragon Age and Mass Effect free DLC. It comes from their attempt to retire their system of BioWare Points. They were part of a currency system made for selling DLC. Both titles were among the games chosen for the currency.

Console players used to have the advantage. They could buy the DLC from their respective storefronts. PC gamers were forced to buy BioWare points with their unique exchange values.

Eventually, EA somewhat rectified it with some DLC bundles via Origin and Steam. Its official support site also featured some free content. For instance, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition brought that content in a single package.

Now, EA is retiring their BioWare Points system. Thus, it brings very good news to players tired of the platform. Of course, it’s a breath of fresh air after several bad news. For instance, both Dragon Age’s multiplayer and the Mass Effect series suffered.

EA discounts its BioWare Points

As Eurogamer reports, EA is removing the BioWare Points currency system. That will result in all the DLC content being released for free. EA informed this via a series of emails informing users about the removal.

Apparently, the system will be removed from the Origin store on the 11th of October. Yet, players can still use their BioWare points to buy multiplayer packs for Mass Effect 3. After their removal, the content will only be redeemable using in-game credits. And, all content already bought with BioWare Points will remain accessible.

Naturally, the news pleased Mass Effect and Dragon Age fans. That’s because the currency was fairly useless for years already. The system wasn’t included in the latest releases.

Of course, it’s also a chance for players to get their hands on free DLC. Moreover, the other currencies won’t suffer any changes. That includes Crystal and Platinum points.

That translates into Dragon Age and Mass Effect’s free DLC

It’s time to say goodbye to the outdated BioWare Points currency. And, users would think that’s already good news. But, there’s more.

The removal of the old currency means that a bunch of DLC for Dragon Age and Mass Effect is now available for free. That includes Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2. The DLC packs for both games will be completely available without charge. But, it’ll probably be after the 11th of October, when the changes hit.

As for Mass Effect, all DLC for the 2nd and 3rd installments will be available for free. But, the games’ multiplayer packs seem not to be part of the deal. They’ll be available for users with the remaining BioWare Points. But, they might be redeemable afterward.

Naturally, it’s a breath of fresh air for players deprived of new content. New titles have been part of the announcements for the next years. But, there’s still a lot to wait before they’re out.

What next is in stock?

As many know, a new Dragon Age title is currently in the works. And, the studio general manager claimed that it’s in an advanced stage. In fact, it’s more advanced than the next Mass Effect.

According to his statement, they’re in the middle of production. He adds that it’s an exciting feeling. They completed the blueprint last year. Now, they’re building the vision. That means creating environments, characters, and gameplay.

For the next Mass Effect, they’re currently prototyping ideas and experiences. It’ll take a while, as many AAA games do. But, their priority is quality. And, that takes a while. For now, the Mass Effect free DLC shall fix fans’ urges.



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