Everything You Should Know About Lost Ark Academy Progression
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Lost Ark Academy Progression Complete Guide

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BY April 17, 2022

Are you looking for the information on Lost Ark Academy Progression? While the Lost Ark team is certain that most existing players have a firm grip on the game’s mechanisms, they are afraid that it will be too much for newcomers. After all, if you’re new to online games, a lot of stuff might be intimidating. 

Smilegate and Amazon agreed to construct the Lost Ark Academy as a result. This is the first in a series of postings aimed at explaining the game’s systems to newcomers and assisting them in getting started. After finishing North Vern’s primary plot, the fun begins. This is the start of Tier 1 and the moment at which players get full access to the game’s environment.

Lost Ark Academy Progression Complete Details

Of course, players will need to get a set of equipment (item level 302, to be precise) before they can get started. After that, they’ll have to start refining the gear on a regular basis by accomplishing specific tasks. As part of the honing process, the developers advocate undertaking daily, weekly, and timed exercises. More information may be found in the article.

North Vern, Shushire, And Rohendel (Tier 1)

You’ve arrived at the start of Tier 1 after finishing North Vern’s main plot. The enormous realm of Arkesia will begin to open up for exploration at this point.

If you’re brand new to the game, it might be intimidating at first, but we’ll go over a few basic systems to help you get started. Honing is one of the first systems you’ll come across, as is the new focus on Item Level.

When players’ gear has reached item level 600, they can go on to Tier 2, and after that, Tier 3. Both of them will employ their own training materials, activities, and so on. The text, however, does not go into great detail about this.

It’s likely that once a player completes Tier 1, they’ll have a decent concept of what they want to accomplish next. Tiers 1 and 2 serve as a prelude to Smilegate RPG’s extensive end-game Tier 3 content, which has been produced since the game’s inception.

They’re meant to help players comprehend the game’s multiple systems; as well as inspire them to explore Arkesia’s large globe and discover how sophisticated mechanics play out in dungeons and fights.

As players go through their trip, we want them to encounter more tough and sophisticated material. Players will be able to push themselves, master systems, and understand difficult mechanics through these forthcoming encounters.

Tier 2 & 3:

Once you’ve polished your gear to item level 600; you’ll be ready to begin your Tier 2 adventure in the Umar country of Yorn. Tiers 2 and 3 will have their own levels of honing materials, daily and weekly tasks, new islands; and missions carrying those materials and other valuable rewards, new game mechanics, and content genres.

If you’re ever confused about what to do next as you travel through these levels, go back and look at the Welcome Challenges to see what actions you may do to keep moving forward in the tale.

There is also a plethora of excellent guides, hints, and other information available to assist you in progressing through the Lost Ark Tiers, all the way to Tier 3 and the end-game.

We’re looking forward to seeing players journey through Tier 1 and beyond in Abyssal Dungeons, defeating Guardians, Demons, and other tough enemies (and with the occasional enormous chicken for Una’s Task).

Players who are still confused about how to continue through the endgame levels should look at the Welcome Challenges to discover what measures they may take to advance through the tale.

Progress and Honing

To begin honing your gear, you must first get a set of item level 302 gear titled “Providence;” which is the first set that may be polished. North Vern unlocks daily and weekly activities for your character to do, which are all discussed in the “Daily & Weekly Activities” section below.

If you want to get started right away; Chaos Dungeons will drop bits of 302 Providence gear, but going north and finishing the chilly Shushire narrative will bring you a whole set.

Honing your gear is how you raise your item level, and it can be done at any gear honing merchant in a large city; which can be discovered on the map by clicking the hammer symbol.

Find a new piece of equipment that is of higher quality or rarity than the one you’ve been using. And you may shift those improvements into your new piece via the ‘Gear Transfer’ feature at any gear honing shop; ensuring that no progress is wasted. It will just set you back a modest amount of silver.

A variety of methods may be used to obtain honed materials, but the most common include everyday activities and island exploration. We’ll go into the daily, weekly, and time-based tasks that help you get these resources in the sections below; but we should emphasize that visiting Tier 1 islands is a great way to get them.

If you’re staring at the map and aren’t sure where to go next; the Welcome Guide’s “Collectibles” page gives a few recommendations. Once you’ve finished the main storylines in North Vern and Cheshire; your main aim will be to achieve item level 460 in order to access Rohendel. Let’s get started on some activities that can assist you in achieving your goal!

Activities (Daily/Weekly/Timed)

One of the finest ways to receive honing and advancement materials is to participate in daily and weekly activities. Vern will unlock the Guide Quests needed to begin the daily and weekly activities that follow. After you’ve completed those, you’ll be allowed to experiment with the following stuff.


This was discussed on Lost Ark Academy Progression; in which we shared the progression of Tier 1, 2, and 3 for the players; along with the tips on how to get along with the game. For more tips and tricks, find more answers for Lost Ark.



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