Jedi Fallen Order EA Play Addition is Great News for Star Wars Fans
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Jedi Fallen Order Coming to EA Play November 10

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BY May 20, 2022

EA and Respawn’s Jedi Fallen Order is arriving on EA Play next week. That’s great news for PC players but even better for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Why? The latest update to Game Pass’s offerings includes EA Play for free. While the subscription cost was low, it’s a nice boost to the perks of having Microsoft’s premier game subscription service. On the brink of a new console generation’s launch day, Xbox players across generations will soon get their hands on this great title. For a bit more about Jedi Fallen Order and EA Play, let’s talk about what else might be coming soon to the service.

Jedi Fallen Order Coming to EA Play Next Week – Here’s How to Get It For Free

Jedi Fallen Order EA Play Image via EA

EA Play’s announcement is certainly good news for Star Wars fans. Comic Years’ review of the game, like many others, sang the praises of Respawn’s expansion of the Star Wars Universe. Star Wars is sort of on an exciting run right now. Despite no major movies coming, a lot of projects are offering fans new adventures and stories. The Mandalorian is about to release episode two of its second season after a great season premiere. New books, animated series, and more are also on the way. The only people happier about Jedi Fallen Order coming to EA Play are Game Pass subscribers. Here’s why.

Xbox announced awhile back that EA Play would be free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. That’s on top of the 100+ games featured on the service’s rotating library. As we move into a new console generation, Game Pass is a big part of Microsoft’s future. Adding in EA titles is a huge get for the company. Does this substitute the need for great first-person games? Absolutely not. That said, I don’t know anyone upset about more games for the same subscription price.

Are We Getting a Sequel?

Jedi Fallen Order EA Play Image via EA

In short, there are rumors a sequel to Jedi Fallen Order might be underway or near the early stages of development. A job posting led many to think Respawn was ready to get working on a new game in the series. Could it be a new adventure in the Star Wars Universe? Personally, I’d love a Respawn-style Old Republic game. Overall, there might also be good reasoning to release a Star Wars The High Republic game. A bunch of content in this Star Wars era is coming in 2021 and beyond. Give us a game as well and that will keep a lot of Star Wars fans happy for time to come.

Overall, a sequel to Jedi Fallen Order in particular could help further develop the early Empire days. I think the Clone Wars era has plenty of content and coverage. There are dozens of stories that no longer fit into the Star Wars Expanded Universe. We don’t need direct Legends adaptations, but continuing to explore these eras is a great thing for fans. Plus, it’s the least Disney and Star Wars could do.

If you haven’t played Jedi Fallen Order, then are you going to give it a try on EA Play? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.


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