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How Do Pro Gamers Rack Up All That Experience?

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BY September 24, 2021

The video game industry is a big one. It’s worth billions and billions of dollars, and there are a lot of game studios out there right now, all competing to get their game to the top spot. And video games themselves are bigger than ever before; there’s more genres, more players, and a lot of software and hardware on the market that means video game worlds are more detailed than ever before. 


But there’s a small section of the video gaming industry that involves players themselves: pro gaming. True, pro gaming might not be a big market at the moment, and it might be something you haven’t heard too much about, but it’s certainly a lucrative place to be if you love gaming, and know how to handle a controller properly. 


After all, rack up enough experience and you could take part in a tournament or two, and one day, maybe even join an esports team. If you get to that level, you could very well make a name for yourself, and a whole career surrounding just how good you are with the gaming medium of your choice. 


But before we start dreaming of a position like this in the pro gaming world, how on Earth do you even begin to prepare to climb the pro gaming ladder? If you’re interested in becoming a well known gamer yourself, make sure you start with tips like those below. 

Are You Ready to Become a Pro Gamer


A Love for Gaming


One of the most important things, when it comes to trying to build a pro gaming career, is a love for gaming. You need to love video games, and you need to love the platform you’re playing them on. On those long days of practice, or grinding to get to the right level for a certain tournament you’re thinking of signing up for, your passion for the game will ensure it keeps on being fun for hours on end. 


On the other hand, it’s essential to have a great passion for one game in particular, and knowing you can practice with it over and over again. You want to become good at just one game in particular; you want to know it can carry you, and you know it inside and out. Because focusing on one game ensures enough time and energy goes into it, and you have the right amount of experience on your side for anything relating to it. 


Most pro gamers have a multiplayer game they like to spend hours of their time on; indeed, you’ll never hear the end about what characters they ‘main’ when interacting with their community and/or streams. So make sure you fall into this category as well; find yourself a game you love and stick to it. 


The Right Equipment


If you’re planning to be a pro gamer, the equipment you’re working with has a lot of impact on your performance in game. You need to have responsive gear, that ensures you’re experiencing very little delay between your commands outside of the game, and what happens within the game. Of course, it might cost a lot to put together a proper gaming build, but you can practice with mid range builds, and build your skills in preparation for upgrading. 


You want a mouse or a controller that’s comfortable to keep your hands on for hours on end. A standard gaming mouse should be designed to fit your hand just right, so keep an eye out for tags like these when shopping online for one. You’re also going to want to use a mechanical keyboard for your work here, if you prefer to use a mouse and keyboard over a controller. Be sure to shop around, and see which keyboards work best for you – a lot of what goes into finding good gear is personal preference. 


But gear doesn’t stop at peripherals.  A lot of gamers are currently using eyewear to build their skills too. After all, looking at a screen for hours on end can cause all kinds of aches and pains in the muscles around the eyes, and there’s plenty of computer related headaches to be had as well. 


So, how do you fend off these kinds of aches and pains, when you’ve got practice to put in and you want to get better at a game? Try out something like blue light blocking glasses; invest in a pair and you might just find it a lot easier to focus on the game in front of you when you’re 4 hours in and you’re feeling like quitting any minute now. 


The Time to Practice


Practice is essential, and more than anything else on this list, practice is where you need to rank up your hours. Don’t spend too much time trying to search for the right gear if you don’t have the time to hone your skills, or ensure you can complete those trick moves, because it will all count for nothing in the end. When you find yourself that one game you can play for hours on end, it’s time to learn it inside and out, as we noted above. But how do you do just that?


You get to grips with the mechanics for that game and that game alone, to ensure you’ve got them down to an art, and you know how to use them in any and all gaming situations you find them in. You can really build a skill here; you can learn how to aim properly, with accuracy with whatever gun you’re using if you’re playing an FPS. You can also learn how to use round one domination, and take as few actions with as much impact as possible in RTS games. It’s all about knowing the mechanics, and getting used to them, and working out how to use them to their full effect. 


Similarly, you’re going to need to get to grips with strategies as well. If you want to be part of  a team one day, it’s key to ensure you can commit to a role and come up with a strategy related to such a role. So be sure to analyze your gameplay, and record as you go, so you can watch back as many times as you need to. Knowing where actions go wrong and where effort can be better placed is key for fitting into the team you could be a part of. 


Taking Part in the Community 


You’re also going to want to join some pro gaming communities, and even build one yourself as you go. Come up with social media profiles that fit you and the gaming brand you’re trying to build, connect with fellow wannabe pro gamers like you, and even be sure to interact with big gamers on their videos and their streams when they release them. Even just watching as you go, and staying silent but paying attention, will ensure that the community you’re in really helps to boost you to the top spot you want to be in. 


Knowing Your Tournaments


And finally, you want to be sure you know what you’re training for. You want to keep up to date on what tournaments are out there, so you know what you need to do to get in, and you know who you’re going to be competing alongside. You can find a big list of the biggest tournaments out there, but it’s key to keep an eye on smaller scale operations as well, to ensure you have a better chance of qualifying and getting within the ranks, and also getting used to the atmosphere of being in a tournament. 


Sure, you might not win much, and you might not get the exposure you’re looking for, but it’s key to start small and sustainably, to make sure that when you manage to hit the big leagues, you have the experience and knowhow that you need to keep on going. 


And the more you compete, the more chance you have of being noticed by a manager or a talent scout, so be sure to get yourself out there as much as you can, in both big and small terms. Moreover, you can find a good site for entering small competitions for people of any skill level right here, so be sure to bookmark such a link for future reference. 


Are You Ready to Become a Pro Gamer?


Pro gaming takes a lot of commitment, time, and energy. But as long as you’ve got the passion you need for gaming, and you’re interested in picking up the right gear and equipment for ensuring you can sit comfortably in front of a desk for hours on end, you’re off to an amazing start. 


Pro gaming could take you to big places, and as long as you’ve picked a good name and know what you’re doing, you might just get yourself in the ranks of esports professionals one day. And it could all start right here, so keep the tips above in mind.

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