GTA 6 Rumor - Major Leak and Updates
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GTA 6 Rumor – Major Leak and Updates

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BY October 5, 2022
After many years and much speculation, we’ve finally had some more GTA 6 rumorsThe newest ones seem to be pretty legit! We already know that the title of the game will likely be Grand Theft Auto VI or GTA 6. But, according to this rumor, some interesting details about the plot have leaked. Check them out below!

GTA 6 Plot and Setting

GTA 6 Rumor Image:

Apparently, this latest GTA 6 rumor suggests that there’s a different kind of plot for this game. For GTA 6, Rockstar Games have made the protagonists a pair of siblings. This brother and sister are twins, and a South American cartel killed their parents in 2003. The rumour also stated that there would be a prologue to the game, which would feature the parents’ murder and show the fallout of this event. Also, the rumor suggested that this prologue will take place in Brazil, making each of these siblings likely Brazilian.

In addition, the majority of the main campaign will occur in the United States, similar to previous games in the series. The events will also occur in approximately the present day, or whenever Rockstar Games releases the game. Furthermore, the game will show that the twins are separated in the prologue and working to join back together during the main campaign.

The leaker also gave some more specific places that might appear in the game. This includes other South American countries, like Colombia. It will also feature countries like Cuba and some familiar locations we’ve seen before. These include Vice City and Carcer City from earlier GTA games, which is relatively close to Liberty City. Vice City is GTA’s Miami counterpart, Liberty City is New York, and Carcer City is a city from the Rust Belt.

GTA 6 Characters

GTA 6 Rumor Image: Rockstar Games

This newest GTA 6 rumor says that during their separation, the twins end up as complete opposites. The boy begins working for the Drug Observation Administration, or DOA. In the Grand Theft Auto series, the DOA is the fictional version of the real-life Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA. This leak suggests that this career decision is because the brother wants to handle the cartel legally. He wants to take revenge on what they did to his parents, so he tries to use the full weight of the force to do so.

In comparison, the sister takes a completely different approach. According to this GTA 6 rumor, the sister actually joins the cartel. Like her brother, she wants to defeat them, but she wants to do it from the inside. So, she joins the cartel at the bottom of the totem pole and gradually works her way up. When the game starts, she is apparently working as a hitman for the cartel group that killed her parents. Her one mission? To take revenge on the people that killed her parents in cold blood.

This GTA 6 rumor states that some of the game’s conflict centres around the pair finding each other again. However, the leaker was keen to state that they did this “the hard way”, suggesting that there are plenty of issues in store for this brother and sister duo.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay

GTA 6 Rumor Image: Inter (YouTube)

According to this GTA 6 rumor, Rockstar Games are planning to include gameplay features like destructible buildings. The game company are trying to use groundbreaking technology to help make the game the best that it can be.

Unfortunately, the leaker wasn’t able to give a definite release date. Instead, they said that Rockstar is aiming to release Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2024 at the moment. We think that this is likely going to change. We’ve known the game was in the works for many years, so we’ll probably have to wait for a few more!

Of course, it’s important to remember that a lot of these details are just GTA 6 rumors at the moment. There’s no confirmation from Rockstar if any of these ideas are true. Even if these rumours are true, it’s very possible that they might change in the future. Even so, it’s exciting to see that the game might be coming in the next two years!What do you think of these rumours? Do they make the game worth the wait, or were you hoping for something else? Let us know in the comments below!

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