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Gaming Studio Acquisitions Becoming the New Normal

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BY January 22, 2021

It’s still insane to me that Bethesda is a Microsoft property. If you are a longtime Xbox fan, then the decision seems great. Sony fans are likely a little less excited with concerns about exclusivity. The real question is whether or not Microsoft is done buying up gaming studios. Longtime rumors suggest Xbox wants to at least consider grabbing up SEGA, but that’s not new news. Overall, the future of the gaming industry seems to be leaning towards historic gaming studio acquisitions. The question becomes who is at the buying table. A report suggests companies outside of gaming want in on the action.

Google, Amazon Interested in Gaming Studio Acquisitions According to Report

dishonored retro review Image Credit: Bethesda

The latest insights into gaming industry happenings come way of Brad Sams, a trusted voice in the industry. In one of his new videos, he suggests a lot of companies are interested in buying studios. Following the blockbuster 2020 news that Microsoft acquires Bethesda for 7.5 million, all bets are off. If you asked me hypothetically about the deal in 2015, then I would have laughed. Studio acquisitions in gaming usually take place on a small scale. Sony acquiring Insomniac, for example, is what many consider big news. Now, we could see deals that make that look minuscule.

We know Microsoft isn’t done buying, but what about Sony? Sony’s parent organization owns many different wings of media and technology. The gaming sector of the company is without a doubt very profitable. That’s why a huge acquisition wouldn’t surprise anyone. The PS5 will be the biggest console ever if things continue according to plan. That means big moves could still occur to keep up the momentum. While we know Sony’s first-party games don’t need the boost, it couldn’t hurt. Xbox Series X/S is a new ballgame, and Microsoft doesn’t intend to make the same mistakes as the last generation.

Both Sony and Microsoft have competition, however. Nintendo? Not in this case. PC gaming? Microsoft already sort of owns that sector. No, tech giants like Google and Amazon could soon be major players in the gaming industry.

Why Do Google and Amazon Want In?

Insomniac games Image Credit: Insomniac Games

Money. That’s it, that’s the reason. But in all seriousness, gaming is a huge industry that continues to grow. We saw in 2020 that the market is pandemic-proof. People bought gaming consoles and games in record numbers during the COVID-19 crisis. That’s not going away either. We’ve seen Amazon and Google try to get into the industry with their own projects. Most, if not all, have failed pretty horribly. Google does have a huge app marketplace for mobile games. Amazon also owns Twitch, the premier game streaming platform. These positions put them in a great place to make a splash in gaming.

All they really need is the right studio. Amazon and Google also have seemingly disposable budgets for huge acquisitions. Companies like Square Enix or EA don’t seem like they’re available for purchase. Maybe not to most companies, but Amazon and Google aren’t most companies. If there is going to be a huge gaming studio acquisition, then we know Google and Amazon will at least be in the conversation.

What’s your bold 2021 prediction in terms of gaming studio acquisitions? If you have a hot take, then drop it in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix/Marvel Studios


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