Free Batman Games on Batman Day from Epic Games
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Free Batman Games on Batman Day: Epic Games Giving Arkham and Lego Batman Trilogies Away

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BY May 20, 2022

For everyone who said that “Batman Day is too commercial,” Epic Games has an answer for that. The online video game store will offer fans six free Batman games this week. The Steam alternative is a newer player in the ever-expanding front for digital gaming where big-name players like Google Stadia and Apple stake out territory. As part of their effort to entice PC gamers to use their service, Epic Games typically offers two free games per week for their users. Yet, in honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary, they expanded those free offerings to six full Batman games. All you need to do to claim them is create an account in the digital storefront, and you can claim your free Batman games without even entering payment information.

The free Batman games offer choices for both mature and younger gamers. The first set of games is the renowned Arkham Trilogy: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight. Featuring original stories from Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, masterminds of Batman: The Animated Series, the games are truly the best Batman games ever created. Featuring the voice talents of Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, and Mark Hamill, players guide Batman through semi-open world settings to fight various villains from the rogues gallery. The other three games are the Lego Batman trilogy: Lego Batman: The Videogame, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. These are the first Lego games to feature an original story based on a franchise concept rather than following the plots of movies like in Lego Star Wars or Lego Harry Potter.

Free Batman Games: The Arkham Trilogy

Free Arkham Batman games Image via Epic games

Rocksteady games changed the, well, game when they introduced the first of their series Arkham Asylum. In this game, Arkham Asylum exists on an island separated from Gotham City proper. Batman returns to the Joker to the famous asylum just as his goons and henchmen are moved there from Blackgate prison. It turns out that this is all part of the Joker’s plan to take down the Batman. Batman has to stop the Joker as well as other villains like Poison Ivy, Bane, and a host of others.

The sequel Arkham City involves Batman facing down the Joker again, only this time it takes place in “Arkham City.” This is a condemned section of Gotham city walled off and used a prison by Hugo Strange. Players can control Batman and Catwoman at various points in the story. Finally, Arkham Knight takes place in Gotham proper as a character with the same name as the game shows up with a militia. He supports the Scarecrow, voiced by none other than John Noble, who wants to use his fear gas to debilitate the city and kill the Bat.

Free Batman Games: The Lego Batman Trilogy

Free Lego Batman Games Image via Epic Games

Before the animated film, Lego Batman started out as another installment of the series of Lego games based on popular franchises. These games are for kids as well as adults, and feature humorous takes on well-known scenes from films and series. Yet, the Lego Batman series is unique because it features an original story. Though, elements in the game reflect things we’ve seen before. For example, the Riddler and Two-Face work together (like in Batman Forever) and the confrontation with the Joker takes place in a cathedral (like Tim Burton’s Batman).

The second and third games in the series feature an open-world type setting and players can use dozens of heroic and villainous characters. The story in these games involve Batman and members of the Justice League fighting against various DC villains. The latter games feature a lot of things for players to do, however they also suffer from poor AI, technical glitches, and even abundant celebrity cameos. (Though Billy Dee Williams gets to voice Two-Face, a role he never got to play after Tim Burton left the third Batman film and he was replaced by Tommy Lee Jones.) Like the Arkham trilogy, these games are eminently replayable. The free Batman games amount to at least $120 in value, and are a great gift to any Bat-fan on Batman Day.

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Also, don’t forget that Epic Games’ own Fortnite just released a, dare we say, “epic” Batman crossover for their popular game. Though these aren’t free. Purchasing all the Batman items and skins will set you back about $120.

Are you going to sign up for the Epic Games service to claim your free Batman games? I want to hear, in the comments below or on social media, what your favorite in-game moments are. Happy Batman Day from Comic Years!

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