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Fortnite’s Unreal Editor Coming Next Week

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BY March 16, 2023

Fortnite keeps topping streaming charts with its popularity. However, a growing feature might drive even more traffic to it. For a while now, Fortnite has nurtured a “creative” mode. Now, Fortnite’s Unreal Editor is coming to take the niche to a new level.

Fortnite is famous for adding tons of content each season. But, the Unreal Editor might be the biggest addition yet. It would enable map developers to create even more intricate landscapes. Just imagine taking your Eren Yeager skin into an SnK-inspired map. The possibilities are endless.

Despite shutting down in China, Fortnite still has a lot to deliver. So, let’s see what we can expect. 

Fortnite taking steps toward Roblox on March 22

As reported by GamesRadar+, the Unreal Editor is coming on March 22. That’s a day less than a week from today. That said, this change is more than an extra tool for map developers. The Editor could turn Fortnite into a Roblox-like ecosystem.

The Editor brings a bunch of new and advanced tools to the game’s Creative mode. Developers will have a lot more to play with. That includes creating unique experiences in the world’s most popular game.

Fortnite’s Unreal Editor bringing a new level to custom maps

Now, Creative maps aren’t a new thing in Fortnite. As you can see above, there’s already a plethora of user maps. These range from social hubs to party-like maps filled with mini-games.

Fortnite’s Unreal Editor is somewhat different from Epic’s beta. It’s a combination of Unreal Engine and Fortnite’s Creative tools. So, not all features from Unreal Engine will be available. But, it still adds a ton of possibilities for developers.

That goes beyond building landscapes, too. Developers can add unique assets, VFX, and sequences. Thus, it opens the doors to new experiences, unique to each map. Plus, creators can collaborate in real-time and cross-platform.

Creative codes in Fortnite creating new interest in the game

Fortnite is a battle royale in most people’s eyes. It’s even hard to remember its beginnings as a base builder/survival. But, its Creative tools are creating (that was intended) new interest in the game.

With time, it might become more akin to Roblox. It’ll stop being just a battle royale. Instead, it’ll be a development foundation for creators. Thus, we might see rich and unique games built on the engine.

And, the Unreal Editor is a huge step toward that goal.

Featured Image Credit: Fortnite | Epic Games.



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