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Fortnite Raising Money for Ukraine Humanitarian Relief (Updated)

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BY April 25, 2022

Games are about far more than just kicking back, having fun, and letting your competitive side get the best of you. They’re also for coming together as a collective and trying to do something good. Recently, Epic Games has started doing this through Fortnite raising money for Ukraine Humanitarian Relief organizations. The amount of money they’ve raised is impressive, and it just goes to show how strong of a community gaming has.

How and Why Fortnite Is Raising Money For Ukraine

Various celebrities and companies have been using their reach for good while Russia continues to wage war against Ukraine. Humble Bundle has crossed the $10 million mark for relief funds. Mila Kunis has personally helped raise $15 million (and counting.) Even a Volodymyr Zelenskyy LEGO set is raising thousands! The latest to start raising money for Ukraine relief funds is Fortnite and Epic Games.

All proceeds made from Epic Games’ Fortnite between March 20th and April 3rd will go towards various Ukraine relief organizations. The chosen groups include UNICEF, The UN Refugee Agency, Direct Relief, and the U.N’s World Food Programme. These organizations will bring food, shelter, and medical aid to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.

Not only are they raising money, but they’re making sure that it gets sent quickly. The game company has shared that the funds will be sent “within days.” They’re only a few days into raising the money, and Epic Games is already reporting that $36 million USD has been raised. And that’s with almost two weeks to go!

fortnite split-screen Image via Epic Games

Where Is Fortnite Coming Up With This Cash?

Epic Games outlined where the money is coming from in their official statement. Any real-money purchases within the game will count towards the money being distributed. So, this includes things like V-Buck packs, Battle Passes, cosmetic packs, and more. They confirmed that it’s only real money being spent that will count. If you have V-Bucks from before or earn them within the game, then it will not count.

The promise that Fortnite will be raising money for Ukraine is a huge one. The battle royale style game allows up to 100 players to compete for the sole survivor through building shelters, surviving a storm, and shooting at the competition.  Fortnite is so popular that they saw over 125 million players within their first year, and numbers continue to grow.

In addition to raising money, Fortnite is helping bring awareness to global politics and the war that is all too real for many people (and players, too.) The key age bracket for players is folks between 18 and 24, most of whom may be voting for the first time in upcoming elections in their country. Could Fortnite help inspire them to learn more about their country’s response to the war? If they can raise $36 million in days, then they can do anything.

You Can Fornite For Free Today.

Playing Fortnite was one of the things that helped get me through the early stages of the pandemic when there were few other places to find joy, and I certainly wasn’t alone. It seems like they’re committed to helping where they can, whether it’s inspiring people to have fun or pulling their weight and putting their money where it matters: Ukraine.

Readers, how do you feel about Fortnite raising money for Ukraine? Does it make you want to gather your friends and join the queue for a game? Maybe we’ll meet you in the arena.

UPDATE: The fundraiser held by Fortnite through Epic Games has finished. They were able to raise $144 million USD for the charities supporting Ukraine.

Featured image via Epic Games.

This article was originally published on March 22nd, 2022, and has been updated as recently as April 4th, 2022.


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