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Fighting games are built around close combat among a limited number of opponents. Players are engaged in active play until they defeat their opponents, or run out of time. Matches in this genre are held in a closed arena and consist of several rounds. When playing fighting games, you need to master an array of techniques such as chaining attacks, counter-attacking, and blocking. You may also need to learn several input combinations to execute special attacks that might contribute to your victory.

Enter the Fascinating World of Fighting Games

Fighting games can help you handle conflict in life. This doesn’t mean that it teaches you to fight others. On the contrary, it helps you to develop strategies you can use to counter unexpected conflicts such as natural disasters, medical emergencies, and more. These games teach you the perfect mentality to take when you are faced with these problems.

Fighting games are a real workout for your brain disguised as fun. Research has shown that playing these games can increase the gray matter in your brain and increase its connectivity. The gray matter is associated with many brain functions, including spatial navigation, perception, muscle control, and increased memory.

Fighting games test the ability to make rapid decisions and execute them for victory. The decision-making skills you acquire in these games can be useful whenever you need to make split-second decisions in various situations in real life.

Some of the Most Popular Fighting Games

There are many fighting games in the modern market. Some of the most popular options include:

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