FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Leaks - Ratings and Tokens Updates Coming
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FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Leaks – Ratings and Tokens Updates Coming

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BY March 3, 2022

FIFA 22 FUT birthday leaks broke out online and some major updates are coming to Ultimate Team soon. The world’s most popular soccer game, or football for our friends outside the States, continues to grow in scope. A huge part of that boom in the appeal is the Ultimate Team game mode. Like other EA titles, including Madden 22 and NHL 22, FIFA Ultimate Team is a digital trading card game. In this mode, you collect cards of players and actually put together teams. The game mode is about to celebrate its birthday, and that means major updates to ratings and tokens are coming. Here’s what you’ll want to know about the upcoming updates thanks to some FUT birthday leaks.

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Leaks

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Leaks ultimate team updates Image Credit: EA

FUT Sherrif on Twitter is a trusted source of all things FIFA. The account shared some major birthday leaks coming to FIFA Ultimate Team, including a few things you’ll want to watch for in FIFA 22. Firstly, the birthday promotion provides updates to skill star ratings for all included players. With a card released for this promo, you may even see their weak foot rating increased as well. It’s a great opportunity to boost the skills of some of your favorite players. Surprisingly, how you get those players might look a little different for this new promo.

The Token System in FUT allows players to swap items in Squad Building Challenges for improved loot. That means you’re not just looking to earn specific items or players but also gaining tradable assets for larger prizes. FUT Sherrif assumes that the SBCs will be known by the time they roll out later this week. Two teams will roll out with the birthday update, spread one week apart. FUTZONEFIFA on Twitter shared a leak for the first team, which includes stars like Jack Grealish, Roberto Firmino, and Paulo Dybala.

Additionally, some SBCs and objectives will put stars like Bruno Guimaraes and Tammy Abraham up for grabs. The cool thing about the birthday cards is that they come often with 5-star skills attached to the players. Even if they’re already in your rotation, you might have a chance to upgrade further if you participate in the upcoming challenge.

What’s Ahead for FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Leaks ultimate team updates Image Credit: EA

The FUT Birthday specials aren’t all that’s happening right now in the world of FIFA 22. Updates to player ratings keep occurring weekly given their play in the real world. It’s one of the strongest features of the game. Likewise, you can continue to watch out for Premier League updates based on Player of the Week and other accolades. Tourneys are set to start ramping up in the spring as well. Be on the lookout for UEFA Champions League updates heading into play shortly.

Speaking of the Champions League, you can watch the action on Paramount+. That’s where another birthday special is happening for the anniversary of the streaming platform. With the UEFA Champions League in full force, you won’t want to miss the action. Luckily, there’s a great deal for new subscribers to take advantage of for the streaming platform’s birthday.

Make sure to take advantage of this deal. New users can subscribe for as low as $1/mo. for the Essential plan & $2/ mo. for the Premium plan for 3 months. Combined with some action happening we know from the FIFA 22 FUT birthday leaks, football fans are going to be pretty busy this spring!

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